Are you ready to learn how to play the drums?

Learning how to rock out on the drums can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

With the help of one of our drum books, you'll quickly and easily pick up some great tips and tricks that will have you playing like a pro in no time!

Our selection covers everything from beginner techniques all the way through advanced playing techniques so there is something for everyone.

Get your hands on these amazing learning materials today, and take advantage of all they have to offer!

Every book contains expertly written exercises designed specifically for teaching novice players as well as long-time drummers who want to polish their skills.

Plus, with clear illustrations throughout each book, it's easy to visualize exactly what needs doing as you hone your craft.

Check out our collection of top-notch drum books now and get started on your journey into being an awesome drummer!

How We Choose The Best Drum Books

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The Best Beginner Drum Book By Jared Falk and Brandon Toews

Best For Beginners

The Best Beginner Drum Book

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Why We Love It

Are you an aspiring drummer wanting to learn at home?

The Best Beginner Drum Book may just be the book for you!

This amazing drum book offers inspiring newbies an easy-to-follow path for getting started on the drums and avoiding common stumbling blocks along the way.

With step-by-step exercises, helpful lessons and plenty of real music to play along with, you’ll sure to master the basics in no time!

Improve your skills faster with valuable tips and industry secrets that only experienced professionals have shared - all at your fingertips.

The Best Beginner Drum Book By Jared Falk and Brandon Toews
The Best Beginner Drum Book By Jared Falk and Brandon Toews

Plus, learn different musical styles like rock, blues, jazz, funk and more.

With The Best Beginner Drum Book as your guide, you’ll soon be playing along effortlessly to your favorite songs!

It’s an authoritative guide intended specifically for beginning home drummers – giving them the tools they need in order to achieve their goals and excel at playing the drums.

Don’t wait any longer…start jamming away today with The Best Beginner Drum Book!

What You Should Know

Are you ready to bring the beat?

This book has got you covered! With 212 pages of detailed instruction, you will learn everything from setting up your drum kit to creating your own drum beats and fills.

Not sure how to hold your drumsticks? No problem!

The Best Beginner Drum Book By Jared Falk and Brandon Toews
The Best Beginner Drum Book By Jared Falk and Brandon Toews

This book will guide you through proper technique and form.

Need help reading drum notation? You'll be able to do it with ease after reading this book.

Whether you're a beginner or just looking to improve your skills, this guide has all the information you need to get started with drums.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's start drumming!

The Drummer's Toolbox By Brandon Toews

Best For Variety

The Drummer's Toolbox

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Why We Love It

Are you ready to take your drumming skills to the next level?

The Drummer's Toolbox is here to help make all of your practice dreams come true.

This comprehensive guide has everything budding home drummers need to discover and master the unique, engaging sounds found in 100 different drumming styles throughout history.

From no-frills classic rock grooves to bouncy funk beats or spicy Latin rhythms, this book will teach you the fundamental techniques for nailing each style and unlock musical creativity like never before.

The Drummer's Toolbox By Brandon Toews
The Drummer's Toolbox By Brandon Toews

Plus, with more than 900 groove examples and suggested listening from 1,000 recordings, you'll discover new inspiration for any jam session—and have fun learning in the process.

Whether a newcomer to drums or an experienced performer looking for some tricks of the trade, The Drummer's Toolbox is a rich resource of guidance and insight into different traditions of percussion.

No matter your interests or skill level, this jam-packed guidebook can’t be beat!

What You Should Know

As a drummer, it's important to be able to adapt to different styles and genres of music.

That's where The Drummer's Toolbox comes in. This comprehensive guide covers a wide variety of musical styles, from rock to jazz to blues to country and beyond.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro looking to expand your repertoire, The Drummer's Toolbox provides the tools you need to take your playing to the next level.

The Drummer's Toolbox By Brandon Toews
The Drummer's Toolbox By Brandon Toews

With detailed explanations and examples, this resource is sure to become your go-to reference for years to come.

So whether you're into surf rock or swing jazz, blues or rockabilly, The Drummer's Toolbox has got you covered.

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer By George Lawrence Stone

Best For Classic Drums

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

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Why We Love It

Are you looking to step up your drumming skills and impress the whole neighborhood with your groovy beats?

Then you need Stick Control!

By George Lawrence Stone, this book is the original classic often called the bible of drumming.

Even Modern Drummer magazine named it first in the top 25 drumming books of all-time.

If a book of such caliber is not proof enough that Stick Control is a must have, then let us give you more reasons to join countless others by getting your hands on this indispensable tool for home drummers of all types!

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer By George Lawrence Stone
Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer By George Lawrence Stone

Snare Drummer Stick Control puts together hundreds of basic to advanced rhythms and moves, categorising them for maximum convenience and teaching value.

You will learn single beat combinations, triplets, short roll combinations, flam beats, flam triplets and dotted notes, and short roll progressions.

Every step along the way will perfect your techniques as you progress through them at your own pace with ease!

Best for classical drums - stick control makes sure your melodic expression smacks of sweet music every time!

So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to become an even better drummer - grab Stick Control today and get jamming right away!

What You Should Know

Have you ever found yourself struggling with control, speed, flexibility, touch, rhythm, lightness, delicacy, power, endurance, preciseness of execution, or muscular coordination in your percussion playing?

Look no further than the book Stick Control for the Snare Drummer by George Lawrence Stone.

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer By George Lawrence Stone
Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer By George Lawrence Stone

This renowned percussionist and teacher crafted an ideal resource for improving all of these areas, paying particular attention to strengthening the weak hand.

Stone's expertise and experience shine through in his writing, making this book an invaluable tool for any percussionist looking to enhance their skills.

Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer By Ted Reed

Best For Modern Drummers

Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

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Why We Love It

For all home drummers looking to take their playing to the next level, Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer is a must-have!

Voted second on Modern Drummer's list of 25 Greatest Drum Books in 1993, this revolutionary book is the perfect tool to strengthen your drumming skills and bring your beats alive.

Syncopation can transform any drum beat from dull and predictable to creative and dynamic.

That's why Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer was created - to help you master this vital skill!

Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer By Ted Reed
Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer By Ted Reed

With its extensive exercises, rhythm charts and useful tips, this book will set you up with all the tools needed to become a syncopation king.

It’s designed specifically for beginning drummers, so even if you’re just getting your start you’ll be able to follow along with ease.

These progressive steps will help you quickly build a strong foundation in syncopation that will provide an exemplary basis for further study.

So don't wait another minute - grab your copy of Progressive Steps for Synchronization today and witness first-hand what it can do for your playing!

What You Should Know

For drummers looking to expand their skills and repertoire, this book is a must-have.

Its pages are filled with plenty of challenging material, including accented eighths, dotted eighths and sixteenths, eighth-note triplets and sixteenth notes.

These elements lend themselves perfectly to extended soloing, allowing players to really showcase their abilities on the drumset.

Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer By Ted Reed
Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer By Ted Reed

But what's even better is that teachers can use this book to develop their own examples, tailoring their lessons to the individual needs of their students.

With its emphasis on modern rhythms and techniques, this book is a top pick for any drummer looking to take their abilities to the next level.

Master Studies By Joe Morello

Best For Versatility

Master Studies

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Why We Love It

Welcome to Master Studies—a groundbreaking book that will revolutionize the way you play drums.

This iconic drum method by legendary drummer Joe Morello has helped thousands of home drummers perfect their craft.

From rock to jazz, and rudimental to classical styles, it can be used by anyone regardless of skill level or musical genre.

This is not just a how-to guide; it’s an enjoyable workbook of material designed to develop your hands and strengthen an important foundational skill—accenting and controlling the different pressures used in single strokes, double strokes, and closed rolls.

Master Studies By Joe Morello
Master Studies By Joe Morello

Put simply, this book provides previously impossible training that will help you become a better drummer faster than ever imagined!

If you're ready to step up your drumming game, get ready for Master Studies!

Experience an unobstructed journey through music and sound like never before as you learn the methods needed to make your percussion dreams come true.

Embrace the challenge of mastering your craft with this one-of-a-kind book—explore the limitless possibilities at your fingertips!

What You Should Know

This book truly is a treasure trove for drummers looking to improve their skills and develop their hands.

With its in-depth breakdown of subjects such as accents, buzz rolls, stroke combinations, and flams, the book offers a comprehensive approach to mastering various techniques.

Master Studies By Joe Morello
Master Studies By Joe Morello

What sets it apart from other drumming resources is the inclusion of accented eighths, dotted eighths, and sixteenths - giving players the chance to work on perfecting their timing and feel.

Volume II builds upon the original book, providing a logical extension that delves even deeper into the art and science of drumming.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your technique, this book is a must-have for any serious drummer.

Unleash Your Rhythm: Best Drum Books ! FAQ Sections

There are a lot of different drum books on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We've created this FAQ section to help answer your questions about the best drum books.

We'll help you figure out what type of book is best for your skill level, what style of music you want to play, and more.

How long does it take to learn the drums?

It depends on the person and their dedication to practice, but most people can learn the basics of playing the drums in roughly 3 months. 

That includes basic rhythms, coordination between both hands and feet, and some more fundamental concepts like timekeeping.

Can you learn drums from a book?

Yes, you can learn drums from a book.

There are plenty of drum books on the market that teach basic terminology, rhythm exercises, and other fundamentals.

Depending on the specific style of drumming you’d like to pursue, there are various options available that aim to offer an in-depth look into particular genres or skill levels.

What age is too late to learn drums?

It's never too late to learn drums! 

People of all ages can enjoy playing an instrument, and the age at which you begin playing is irrelevant. 

While it may take a little bit longer to pick up the skill at a later stage in life, there are numerous benefits to learning as an adult.

Are drums hard to self teach?

Yes, drums can be hard to self-teach. 

There is a lot of coordination involved with playing the drums and it takes time to get comfortable with the various parts. 

It’s also more difficult to find out the correct techniques without professional guidance or feedback. 

However, there are many tools available that allow you to learn at your own pace.

How do you memorize drum beats?

Memorizing drum beats can be a difficult task, but with proper practice and focus it is possible. 

The best way to go about it is to break the beat down into individual parts and practice each part separately. 

Start by tapping out the snare or bass drum control on its own, then add in the hi-hat and/or other fills if they are present. 

After getting comfortable with each piece of the beat, put them all together until you know it well enough to play without stopping.

How should I start learning drums?

If you want to start learning drums, the best way is to begin with a book. 

A good book will provide an excellent foundation of knowledge and give you the basics of how to play. 

Look for books that include exercises, music theory and even basic rhythms so you can get familiar with the instrument.

Do drum books help your form?


Drum books are an invaluable resource for honing your drumming form. 

Books can provide an overview of the anatomy and style of drumming, as well as detailed instructions on proper technique and practice methods. 

Additionally, they often include exercises designed to help you refine specific aspects (such as hand speed or accuracy).

How many books can help you learn the drums?

Learning to play the drums can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it is not an easy task. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you on your journey. 

There are numerous books that offer instruction and tips on how to play the drums.

Are drum lessons worth it?


Drum lessons are immensely helpful for those who are just starting out. 

For beginners, having someone to teach you the basics of how to hold the drumsticks and proper techniques can get you off to a confident start and help prevent any bad habits or improper techniques from forming. 

An experienced instructor can also provide insight on proper practice methods, so that your practice time will be the most productive it can be.

What is the hardest genre to drum to?

Jazz drumming is considered to be the hardest genre to drum to due its complexity and fast-paced nature. 

While all musical genres require skill, jazz has a distinct set of challenges that make it an especially tricky style for aspiring drummers.

How many snare drum rudiments are there?

There are 40 traditional snare drum rudiments. 

These rudiments, which emerged in the early 19th century, are the foundation of modern snare drum technique and provide important building blocks for modern music education.

How can I improve my bass drum technique?

To improve your bass drum technique, there are a few key points you should focus on. 

First and foremost, practice consistency and repetition. Aim to maintain good posture while playing the drums, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your head facing forward. 

As you play, be sure to rotate between heel-down and heel-up techniques as this will increase your speed and accuracy. 

Always good to double check your drum set to make sure everything is nice and snug!

What is double bass drumming?

Double bass drumming is a style of drumming in which two bass drums are used instead of one. 

This technique is often used in heavy metal, death metal and progressive metal genres, and is usually accompanied by rapid footwork and alternating between the left and right feet.

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