Are you looking to give your home a transformation? Look no further than the amazing drywall primers reviewed in this article.

Whether you're a professional painter or a first-time DIYer, these primers are sure to make your home glow with new life.

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Transform Your Home With The Best Drywall Primers

With so many options for drywall primers on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for your project.

To help you out, we’ve reviewed the top products available and compiled all you need to know about each!

How We Choose The Best Drywall Primers

Do you struggle to find the right product for your needs?

Not knowing which products are worth your hard earned money can be extremely frustrating.

It takes too much time and effort to sift through billions of reviews and ratings, making the task seemingly impossible.

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How We Choose The Best Drywall Primers

QualityQuickCheck makes that problem a thing of the past. With our reliable team reviewing countless products for you, you'll be able to quickly find the best product for your needs with ease!

ZINSSER White Water-Based Primer

Best for Quality

ZINSSER White Water-Based Primer

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Why We Love It

Get the job done right with ZINSSER White Water-Based Primer.

This amazing interior/exterior primer is the perfect choice for virtually any project, as it has excellent stain-blocking resistance and can be used with any oil or latex topcoat.

It's ideal for new or previously painted drywall, concrete, wood, masonry, metal, and glossy or difficult surfaces--providing a quality base coat to extend the life and enhance the durability of painting jobs.

Not only does it help ensure easy topcoat adhesion on virtually any surface, but its one-coat hide also saves time and money by improving the hide and coverage of topcoats too!

So when you're ready to get started on your next project, reach for ZINSSER White Water-Based Primer--the reliable partner that will guarantee a flawless finish in no time at all!

ZINSSER White Water-Based Primer
ZINSSER White Water-Based Primer

What You Should Know

When it comes to sealing and priming surfaces, it's important to find a formula that will seamlessly adhere without requiring too much sanding or preparation.

That's where ZINSSER's White Water-Based Primer comes in.

This formula not only sticks uniformly to any surface, but it also dries to the touch in just 35 minutes.

And if you're in a rush to complete your project, you'll be pleased to know that it's ready for a topcoat in just one hour!

Plus, with a coverage of up to 112 square feet per quart, you'll be able to tackle larger projects with ease.

Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times and hello to a smooth and polished finish with ZINSSER's White Water-Based Primer.

INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer

Best for Value

INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer

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Why We Love It

INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer is the perfect multipurpose 100% acrylic primer sealer for your interior and exterior projects.

Whether you are prepping walls for painting or sealing outdoor surfaces, INSL-X has you covered!

With superior sealing and coverage properties, this primer provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, giving you maximum bang for your buck.

Plus, it historically prevents stains from penetrating and ruining your work - this product is on a mission to keep things looking squeaky clean!

And with quick drying capabilities, being able to topcoat in as much as an hour after application is a definite bonus.

Best of all, Aqua Lock Primer has a low VOC so you don't have to worry about any unpleasant odors or fumes.

Get ready for easy application and impressive results with INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer!

INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer
INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer

What You Should Know

When it comes to painting, ensuring that you have the right tools and products is key to achieving a quality finish.

The INSL-X Aqua Lock Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer is a great option to consider, with its ability to provide coverage of 300-400 square feet per gallon.

Just be sure to take note of the recommended temperature range for application - with surface and ambient temperatures above 50 °F (10 °C) and below 90 °F (32 °C).

And of course, always review the label for proper preparation and application tips before diving into your painting project.

With these steps in mind, you can trust the INSL-X Aqua Lock Plus to provide a solid foundation for your new coat of paint.

Zinsser Spray Primer, 13 oz

Best for Ease of Use

Zinsser Spray Primer, 13 oz

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Why We Love It

Looking for a tough primer you can rely on? Zinsser 13 oz Spray Primer is the perfect partner to provide foolproof adhesion to the toughest surfaces and substrates.

From industrial sites to home projects, our oil-based primer seals uniformly and offers superior performance across surfaces such as drywall, concrete, wood, masonry, metal, and glossy/difficult surfaces.

No need to sand before. Easy to use and guaranteed efficiency. What more could you ask for?

Get your Zinsser Spray Primer today - it’s an investment that will pay itself when your painting project lasts.

Zinsser Spray Primer, 13 oz
Zinsser Spray Primer, 13 oz

What You Should Know

Are you tired of stains ruining your paint job? Look no further than Zinsser Spray Primer, the solution to all your stain blocking problems.

With excellent resistance, it can be used over any oil or latex topcoat without any issues. Not only does it provide a smooth, white finish, but it's specifically designed to block any imperfections in just one coat.

Plus, you'll save time as it dries to the touch in just 30 minutes while still being able to cover up to 12 sq ft.

Make your painting projects easier and more efficient with Zinsser Spray Primer, available in a convenient 13 oz can.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer

Best for Repairs

Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer

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Why We Love It

Hey, DIYers! Are you ready to repair those walls, ceilings, and cracks in no time? Look no further than Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer!

This innovative product makes repairs strong and durable without the weight of other solutions.

It's lightweight and easy to spread, so you'll be done in no time! The best part?

You can trust that it won't sag, shrink or crack; your repaired area will look good for a long time.

Plus, it comes in a tight-lock container so you don't have to worry about shelf life or reusability.

When it comes to fast wall repairs with longer lasting results, turn to Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer
Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer

What You Should Know

Gorilla Wall Repair is known for its superior quality and smooth finish.

The product is formulated to be spackling and primer in one which means that it can easily be painted over just like drywall.

Unlike traditional spackling compounds, Gorilla Wall Repair's smooth finish doesn't require sanding for a professional looking finished project which saves time and effort.

The best part is that it dries quickly, becoming paintable in just 15 minutes*.

So if you're looking for a seamless and easy wall repair solution, try Gorilla Heavy Duty Wall Repair Spackling + Primer.

Just remember to press the lid on tightly and store it in a cool and dry location for future use.

Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer

Best for a Variety of Colors

Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer

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Why We Love It

Get your painting projects started right with Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer!

This water-based acrylic formula provides superior protection of a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, including wood, metal, plaster, masonry, and unglazed ceramic.

Not only is it low odor and chip resistant–the flat finish aids in concealing minor surface imperfections so that color coats will lay smoothly on top for beautiful results.

Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer is the perfect go-to product to get your painting projects off to a great start.

Give your next creation the superb foundation it deserves with Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer!

Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer
Rust-Oleum Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer

What You Should Know

If you're embarking on a new paint project, Rust-Oleum has you covered.

Their Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer is specifically designed to cover up to 120 sq ft of surface area, and it dries to the touch in just 30 minutes.

But before you apply drywall primer, it's important to properly prep your surfaces.

Use 180/200 grit sandpaper to smooth out any imperfections, then wash the area with a degreaser and allow it to dry completely before application.

With their commitment to innovation and technology, Rust-Oleum has been perfecting their products for the last century, and their Brush On Paint Acrylic Flat Primer is no exception.

Get your project completed quickly and efficiently with Rust-Oleum.

Drywall Primer FAQ Section

Trying to figure out what primer to use for your drywall project can be a real pain.

With so many different primers and brands out there, it’s hard to know which one will give you the best results.

The wrong primer could potentially ruin your project and cost you a lot of money.

Make your life easier and turn to our comprehensive FAQ guide on drywall primers to answer all of your questions so you can get the job done right!

What primer should I use for drywall?

Drywall primers come in a wide variety of types, so it really depends on what type of job you are tackling. 

Generally speaking, if you're aiming for a smooth finish and don't plan on applying extra coats later, go for an oil or water based primer. 

These will provide excellent coverage and a durable finish that will last long. 

If you need to cover up difficult stains or old paint jobs with irregular surfaces, opt for a latex-based primer as it offers superior adhesion and takes less effort to apply than other options.

Is there a difference between drywall primer and regular primer?

Yes, there is a difference between drywall primer and regular primer. 

In general, conventional primers are formulated to work on all surfaces as the designing aspect take into consideration of versatility. 

Drywall primers are specially designed for drywall surfaces as they contain binders that penetrate deep into the gypsum-based material for better adhesion between paint and wallboard.

Do you need 1 or 2 coats of drywall primer?

Depends on the wall surface. 

Generally, one coat of drywall primer is sufficient when the wall is in good condition, but two coats may be needed if the surface has imperfections or to ensure better adhesion of paint. 

It's best to consult with a professional painting contractor before deciding how many coats are needed for your project.

Do you sand drywall after priming?

No, sanding drywall after priming is unnecessary and can damage the new primer. 

Applying a high-quality primer gives more even coverage of the surface, and keeps the dust down for a smoother finish when painting.

Can you use 2 in 1 paint and primer on drywall?

Yes, you can use 2 in 1 paint and primer on drywall. It is best to apply two coats of the paint/primer for optimal results. 

Since it is a single-step solution, it reduces your time spent on painting and eliminates the need for additional priming. 

Ensure that you sand between coats to ensure proper adhesion and even coverage throughout!

How long should drywall texture dry before priming?

Generally, it's recommended to wait up to 24 hours for drywall texture to fully dry before priming but it depends on the specific materials you are using. 

This allows the texture plenty of time to completely cure and harden so that the priming process is successful. 

To ensure optimal results, it is best practice to follow manufacturer instructions when priming or applying texture or paint.

What happens if you don't prime drywall?

Not priming drywall can lead to several problems, including paint adhesion issues, chalking of the drywall surface, and an increased likelihood of staining and dirt accumulation. 

Without a primer, the texture created by the joint compound may not be adequately sealed and could affect the performance of any top coats applied. 

Additionally, any mildew or moisture that is present on uncaulked seams will have an even greater impact in terms of damaging both the finish coat and the underlying structure. 

In short—priming your drywall is essential for ensuring durable results over time.

Is it best to prime drywall before painting?

Yes, it is important to prime drywall before painting. 

Priming sealants and drywall mud help fill any structural imperfections that can cause the paint to sit unevenly and look patchy. 

It also improves the durability of the applied paint, improving its resistance to chipping, cracking, and fading due to exposure. 

Additionally, primers provide an even base coat for any topcoat finish coats of paint and help ensure an even sheen throughout.

What is PVA drywall primer?

PVA primer is a specially designed primer that is used to prepare the surface of drywall for painting. 

It is a good stain blocking primer and provides a clean, consistent base for the paint color you choose. 

The primer also acts as an adhesive, helping your chosen paint color adhere better than it would without the application of this product on porous surfaces.

What is a shellac based primer?

Shellac-based primers are a great option for homeowners looking to achieve an ultra-smooth surface and a final finish with ultra-flat paint. 

These primers are ideal for freshly prepared drywall as they not only provide the necessary adhesive bonding power but also help seal porous surfaces such as bare drywall. 

With shellac primer on hand, you can be sure that your surface will be properly prepped prior to painting and you’ll get a better finish in the end.

Is drywall primer expensive?

Drywall primer can be very affordable depending on the size and type of project you're working on. 

A gallon of drywall primer typically costs between $20-40, with larger sizes costing more. 

For large projects, it may make more sense to purchase a 5-gallon bucket of drywall primer or more.

How do I apply primer on drywall?

Applying primer on new drywall is a crucial but simple process.

Before beginning, you should prepare the surface of the drywall by cleaning it, making any necessary repairs, and sanding down any bumps or ridges.

Then, use a brush or roller to apply two coats of quality latex primer sealer to the walls. Use even strokes starting at an upper corner and working your way across each section in a grid-like pattern.

Wait for the primer to dry completely before applying paint or wall covering.

(Primer Tutorial)

The Best Drywall Primer For You!

The perfect primer for any drywall project is out there, and you can find it with the help of our guide.

With the right product choice, you can be sure to achieve beautiful results with your drywall project.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, having the best primer on hand is key to getting just what you want.

Now that you've read our article, take a look at our other related resources for further information to ensure success in your project.

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