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Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a pro in the studio, it’s important to have the perfect clarinet mouthpiece for your needs.

Sound quality, comfort and responsiveness are essential when picking one – so we've done the research for you!

We've chosen our top five best clarinet mouthpieces that'll fit any budget and skill level.

With these clarified pieces on hand, you're sure to find sonic edge that'll help make you stand out amongst other musicians.

Get ready to play longer during practice sessions with better control over intonation and dynamics, while not breaking the bank!

These pieces will give experienced players more freedom of expression; plus they come in both metal and wood options too - each possessing their own unique tonal qualities.

Check out our ultimate guide today and discover which clarinet mouthpiece is perfect for you!

How We Choose The Best Clarinet Mouth Pieces

Don't waste time researching products online.

You could be spending hours of your free time digging through reviews, sorting and comparing features, trying to make sure you’re getting the very best clarinet mouthpiece out there.

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How We Choose The Best Clarinet Mouth Pieces

QualityQuickCheck has got you covered!

We do all of the hard work for you and provide only best-in-class recommendations so you can be confident in your purchase decisions.

Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece

Best For Quality

Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Why We Love It

Get the inspiring sound you deserve with the Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece!

This official original-equipment product is identical to what's included with all new Yamaha standard, intermediate and professional series clarinets.

It was specifically designed by Yamaha to make sure that even a beginner can make a terrific sound from their instrument.

Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece
Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece

What’s even better is that this mouthpiece is made from a durable plastic, so it'll stand up to years of regular playing - perfect for both novice and experienced musicians alike.

Don't wait any longer - unleash your inner artist with the Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece now!

What You Should Know

Looking for a reliable and high-quality clarinet mouthpiece?

Have a closer look at the Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece.

Made from safe and durable phenol resin plastic, this mouthpiece is built to last and provide an excellent playing experience for years to come.

Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece
Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece

Thanks to state of the art manufacturing, the Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece is both consistent and top-notch in terms of quality.

Perhaps best of all, this mouthpiece is designed to fit any brand of standard clarinet, so you can use it with whatever instrument you have.

Whether you're a professional musician or a beginner just starting out, the Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece is a wise investment for anyone looking for a trustworthy and exceptional playing experience.

YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit

Best For Value

YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit

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Why We Love It

Introducing the YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit – your perfect mouthpiece companion!

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate musician, this clarinet mouthpiece kit is guaranteed to improve your tone production and playability.

Crafted from a unique proprietary hard plastic for unparalleled tonal beauty and evenness, you won’t find anything else quite like this on the market.

Say goodbye to playing out of tune and hello to pitch-perfect performances every time!

Apart from its superior sound quality, one of the best things about our clarinet mouthpiece kit is its ease-of-use.

YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit
YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit

Even if you’re just starting out as a learner, you can be sure that our mouthpiece will provide an enjoyable experience with no learning curve at all.

It would also make an excellent extra mouthpiece for more experienced players who want to change up their sound without having to invest in another instrument.

At YUNNLEZT, we know how important it is for musicians to have their musical instruments at hand; that’s why we strive to provide the highest quality gear at an affordable price without sacrificing performance or durability.

Our clarinet mouthpiece kit is the perfect way to get your hands on reliable equipment while keeping your wallet happy — so what are you waiting for?

Get yours today and let the music begin!

What You Should Know

The YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit is a carefully crafted and reliable product that any clarinet player would find useful.

With a 1.3mm caliber and smooth diversion lumen, the structure of the mouthpiece has been meticulously designed by an engineer.

Not only is it expertly designed, but it is also universal, fitting any brand of standard clarinet.

YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit
YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit

Each kit includes a clarinet mouthpiece, as well as a reed and ligature, providing everything needed for a great playing experience.

Portable and easy to use, this mouthpiece kit is perfect for taking with you to rehearsals or performances.

The YUNNLEZT Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit is a valuable addition for any musician looking for a quality and dependable product.

D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece

Best For Durability

D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Why We Love It

Introducing the D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece—the most durable and versatile mouthpiece for musicians!

Made from polycarbonate, the Graftonite material won’t chip or crack under even the most intense sessions.

And with three tip openings and three chambers, we guarantee you’ll find one that fits perfectly with your playing style.

D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece
D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece

Whether you’re a beginner just discovering the joys of music-making or an experienced musician looking for a reliable mouthpiece, the Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece promises to deliver.

It also comes pitched at A=440 so it can be seamlessly integrated into any ensemble.

Reach incredible heights and make beautiful music today with Rico's Clarinet Mouthpiece!

What You Should Know

The B5 model for Bb Clarinet is a must-try for any professional or aspiring clarinet player.

Designed by Arnold Brilhart, the world's leading mouthpiece designer, this model incorporates revolutionary materials to achieve a wide range of tonal colors and amazing ease of tone production.

D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece
D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece

With a tip opening of .050" and a facing length of 19mm, this mouthpiece is perfect for producing rich, warm tones across all registers of the clarinet.

Made as part of the Graftonite line of mouthpieces, this B5 model fits into the D'Addario Rico Clarinet Mouthpiece.

Players can rely on this mouthpiece to produce consistent, high-quality sound for a truly memorable performance.

OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Best For Budget

OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Why We Love It

Are you a beginning or intermediate clarinet musician looking for a quality, reliable mouthpiece?

You may want to take a look at the OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece!

This premier product is will help you create smooth air flow and full, warm timbre for any performance – be it in an orchestra, chamber group, or solo.

And with its easy setup and use, this is the perfect choice for beginners and more advanced players alike.

No matter your skill level, you’ll find that the OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece produces a beautiful sound.

OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

With high-quality materials to ensure longer lasting use, you can rest assured that buying this product is an investment worth making.

Plus–it’s versatile and made especially for beginner performers–so if you're just starting out on your musical journey then this is the ultimate accessory to have in your collection.

Of course even experienced musicians can benefit from its great price point along with its excellent build quality to get their sound right at the rehearsal or performance.

So if you’re looking for a great way to improve your performance while maintaining that warm, pleasing sound you love–the OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is here to make your dreams come true.

Ready to take your clarinet playing up a notch? Get yours today and see what all the fuss is about!

What You Should Know

The OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is a carefully designed piece of equipment that is sure to impress.

The structure of this mouthpiece has been meticulously crafted by an engineer with a 1.2mm caliber and a smooth diversion lumen, ensuring the best possible sound quality.

OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
OriGlam Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

What's more, this mouthpiece is made of high-quality and non-toxic ABS plastic, making it totally safe to use.

The OriGlam Bb Mouthpiece also comes with a leather mouthpiece clip that can expertly fix the reed in place, resulting in a warmer and more resonant tone.

Overall, this mouthpiece plays an ideal option for any clarinet player looking for exceptional performance and safety.

Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece

Best For Balanced Tone

Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece – the perfect mouthpiece for any musician looking to up their game.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, this instrument provides a balanced response, focused tone and accurate pitch that will help improve your form.

Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece
Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece

Made of durable plastic with a medium facing design, this is an easy-to-play instrument that offers quick response in the upper and lower registers.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the Selmer clarinet mouthpiece today and start playing like a pro!

What You Should Know

When it comes to playing the clarinet, having the right mouthpiece can make all the difference in your sound quality and overall experience.

The Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece is a top-tier option constructed from high-quality plastic and designed with a medium facing.

This unique design makes it a fantastic option for both students looking to master their instrument and professionals who demand the best from their equipment.

Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece
Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece

Not only does this mouthpiece offer a balanced response, focused tone, and accurate pitch, but it also helps young musicians develop proper embouchure formation and air support.

And with its easy-blowing even tone, it's ideal for beginners and those up to grade 6.

All in all, the Selmer Goldentone mouthpiece is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to take their clarinet playing to the next level.

The Best Clarinet Mouthpieces  FAQ Section!

Trying to find quick answers to your questions can be a daunting task.

It's frustrating when you have questions that just can't be asked or answered in a simple google search.

We've got the solution!

Our FAQ page cuts through the noise and gives you easy access to all the information you need, fast.

Get all your burning questions answered with our FAQ section today!

What is the best bass clarinet mouthpiece?

Vandoren mouthpieces. 

The Vandoren B45 is widely considered to be the best mouthpiece for bass clarinet. 

It provides a full, rich sound in all registers while still allowing for great control and intonation. 

Additionally, its quality construction ensures good longevity, which makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

What is the difference between a plastic and a hard rubber clarinet mouthpiece?

A plastic clarinet mouthpiece is usually made from a hard acrylic or polycarbonate material and is often cheaper than a hard rubber mouthpiece.

Plastic mouthpieces tend to be brighter with more clarity in the sound, while hard rubber has the advantage of being better at producing a warmer overall tone.

Hard rubber also has an easier time resisting cracking and warping due to its greater durability.

What is the facing curve of a clarinet mouthpiece?

The facing curve of a clarinet mouthpiece is the angle of the tip relative to the rest of the opening in order to create an optimal tone on a clarinet. 

The rate at which it curves varies depending on the particular make and model, with some having more open facings while others have a higher degree of curvature. 

Generally speaking, however, most models have an average facing curve between 15-17mm. 

This size is ideal for creating a full sound throughout all registers on both Bb and A Clarinets.

What is the ideal tip opening size for a clarinet mouthpiece?

The ideal tip opening size for a clarinet mouthpiece is typically between 0.63mm and 1.14mm, depending on the individual player's preference and unique playing style.

Generally, a larger tip opening offers more resistance and requires more air pressure to play, but also produces a darker tone; whereas a smaller tip opening provides less resistance and requires less air pressure, but produces a brighter sound.

How do I choose the right clarinet mouthpiece for my playing style?

Choosing the right flat clarinet mouthpiece for your playing style involves understanding what type of sound quality clarinet mouthpieces you want, what performance, and acoustics you wish to achieve. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine which one is right for you is to try different ones in order to test their differences. 

Other factors that should be taken into consideration include your level of experience with a clarinet as well as your personal preferences when it comes to comfort and playability.

Can I use a saxophone mouthpiece on a clarinet?


Saxophone mouthpieces are designed to utilize the larger embouchure and reed characteristics of a saxophone, which is why they do not fit on clarinets.

Clarinet mouthpieces are typically smaller and allow for different sound production techniques than those used with saxophones.

How often should I clean my clarinet mouthpiece?

It is recommended to clean your clarinet mouthpiece after every playing session. 

Cleaning the mouthpiece with a warm, damp cloth helps remove any buildup of saliva, bacteria or debris. 

You may also use a specialized woodwind instrument cleaning solution and brush or swab to gently scrub and clean your clarinet mouthpiece.

How do I properly care for my clarinet mouthpiece?

To properly care for your clarinet mouthpiece, it's important to clean it regularly. 

This should be done after every use using a wet cloth and mild detergent. 

Additionally, you should periodically inspect the mouthpiece for signs of wear or damage that may need to be replaced.

How much does a good clarinet mouthpiece cost?

The cost of a good clarinet mouthpiece typically ranges from $30 to $150, depending on the manufacturer and quality mouthpiece. 

Beginner clarinet mouthpiece models are usually more affordable, while professional-grade mouthpieces can be quite expensive.

Can I get a custom-made clarinet mouthpiece and how much does it cost?

Yes, it is possible to get a custom-made clarinet mouthpiece. 

Prices vary depending on the type of material used and other customizations, but typically range from $100–$500 or more. 

Clarinets are considered one of the hardest instruments to play, so having the perfect fit for an instrument can drastically improve the sound quality and playing experience.

What are some of the features of the best beginner clarinet mouthpiece?

The best beginner clarinet mouthpiece should be designed to give the player maximum control and comfort while playing.

Popular clarinet mouthpieces include Vandoren, Rico, and Selmer models that provide a wide range of offerings for players looking to get started on their instrument.

These mouthpieces offer different level of resistance as well as material composition choices.

Beginner models should have an easy-to-blow design that helps the player build embouchure strength over time.

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