Level up your audio production without breaking the bank.

Looking to break into music and audio projects but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on studio gear?

We've got you covered!

Our top-notch selection of quality low-cost studio monitors deliver great sound results, helping aspiring producers or musicians hone their craft at a fraction of the cost.

Get pro-level quality sound with these budget friendly options - our carefully selected mix provides perfect clarity for precise mixes, robust bass response for thumping low end, quiet background noise levels so there's no unwanted distortion when recording.

You won't have to worry about compromising on quality while staying within your budget.

Check out our collection of studio monitors now all under $200 - get ready to make some amazing music!

How We Choose The Best Studio Monitors Under $200

It can be hard to find the most reliable and trustworthy products.

With so many ratings and reviews available, it can be difficult to sift through all of the noise to find products that are truly worth your money.

An Intense stufio set-up.
How We Choose The Best Studio Monitors Under $200

QualityQuickCheck makes it easy to find quality products by searching through thousands of top rated products.

We take the guesswork out of finding trustworthy selections, so you can make informed decisions.

PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set

Best For Value

PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set

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Why We Love It

Finally, the ultimate studio monitor for multimedia, gaming, watching movies, or producing your next big hit!

We’re proud to introduce the PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set – an exciting advancement in music production technology.

This set comes included with Studio One Prime and Studio Magic plug-in suite, which adds up to a value of over $1000 USD worth of high-quality music production software.

PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set
PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set

But that’s not all: The 3.5-inch woven composite drivers produce incredibly powerful bass response while maintaining an incredibly accurate overall sound.

And with 1" ultra-low-mass silk-dome tweeters that eliminate all harshness while providing warm and balanced high frequencies, you can have complete peace of mind knowing all your tracks are being produced just as you intended them to be.

So what are you waiting for?

With this top-notch studio monitor set, go make yourself some amazing music with unbeatable sound quality!

What You Should Know

If you're in the market for studio monitors that offer pristine sound quality, you may want to check out the PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set.

They're the only monitors in their class with acoustic tuning, which makes it easier to enjoy clear, accurate audio in any room.

Additionally, the 2.8 kHz crossover frequency helps to deliver a smooth and well-balanced sound.

PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set
PreSonus Eris Studio Monitor Set

These monitors also come with a stereo aux input for your smartphone, headphone jack for private listening, volume controls, and power on/off buttons all located on the front panel for convenience.

With 50-watt Class AB amplification (25 Watts per speaker), they provide plenty of volume and headroom for nearfield monitoring.

To top it off, these monitors feature a studio-quality industrial design that looks as great as it sounds while providing protection against RF interference, output-current limiting, over-temperature, turn-on/off transient.

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

Best For Quality

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

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Why We Love It

Introducing Yamaha's HS5 Powered Studio Monitor – the perfect choice for musicians looking to take their sound to the next level.

The HS Series of studio monitors uses newly developed transducers that provide remarkably smooth response across a wide range of bandwidths, resulting in superior accuracy and clarity.

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor
Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

And with its bi-amp design, each speaker has its own dedicated amplifier – this ensures that the HS5 will consistently deliver high-resolution sound with exceptionally flat response, no matter what type of music you're listening to.

Designed to reduce unwanted resonance and boost sound reproduction to its extreme limit – giving you more control over your sounds when recording or mixing.

With all these features, the Yamaha HS5 powered studio monitor is sure to make your music louder, clearer and crisper than ever before!

What You Should Know

The Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor is an exceptional tool for anyone looking to create a professional sound in their home or studio.

With its 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield design, the clarity and precision of your music will be unmatched.

The 5" cone woofer and 1" dome tweeter allow for a wide frequency response ranging from 54Hz to 30kHz, ensuring that every detail is heard.

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor
Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

What's more, the speaker port design has been carefully crafted to prevent unwanted noise, thanks to its vortex-free structure.

Additionally, the new installation version comes equipped with mounting points and screws for hassle-free installation.

Yamaha has once again proven their dedication to providing quality and reliable equipment for musicians and sound engineers everywhere.

JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor

Best For Bass

JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor

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Why We Love It

Do you want to make your studio sound truly professional?

Then look into the JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor!

Part of the MkII series, this monitor features next-generation JBL transducers that ensure accurate low and high-frequency response, improved damping for better transient response, and impressive deep bass with lower harmonic distortion.

You'll hear every beat and subtlest nuance of your music with stunning clarity.

JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor
JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor

Plus, the redesigned boundary EQ helps restore a neutral low frequency response when you place the monitors near walls or on surfaces, so you won't have to worry about relying on a perfectly treated room.

Whether you're recording your first demo or mastering your new track, these monitors provide maximum flexibility so you can get a clear picture of how your mix will turn out in any environment - without compromising on sound quality.

And with their sleek design and classic black finish, they look just as good as they sound! Step up to professional-grade audio production with the JBL Professional 305P Monitors today.

What You Should Know

The JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor is a must-have for any serious music producer or sound engineer.

With a sleek and modern design, it not only looks great but provides a dramatic flair to any studio setup. But its beauty is not just skin deep.

The 305P also boasts a broad sweet spot, allowing for a neutral frequency response across a wide area.

JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor
JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor

This means you can fine-tune your mix even while listening off-axis, giving you the ability to hone in on every detail of your production.

And with the purchase, you'll receive everything you need for an easy set-up, including the monitor, power cord, quick set-up guide, and peel-off rubber pads.

The JBL Professional 305P Studio Monitor speakers are truly an essential piece of equipment for those striving for professional-level sound.

M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors

Best For Versatility

M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors

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Why We Love It

Treat your music production to the M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors – and maximize your playback experience with the convenience of wireless streaming!

Our compact 120W bi-amplified budget speakers are designed to provide the highest quality, professional sound in any environment.

They feature an MDF cabinet, a bass reflex design, and Black Kevlar drivers for rich, deep audio.

A 3.5’’ Woofer and a 1” natural silk dome tweeter offer a full spectrum of frequencies for accurate sound reproduction.

M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors
M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors

Customize EQ via the rear panel controls, or use them to configure left/right active speaker positions.

You can also easily connect wirelessly via Bluetooth – so you can listen to music on your smartphone or stream tracks, podcasts, and more from any Bluetooth enabled device directly onto our monitors!

Make sure you always get crystal clear audio quality – upgrade to the M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors today!

What You Should Know

Experience high-quality sound and versatile connectivity with the M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors.

These monitors are perfect for home studio recordings and DJ setups.

The rear panel allows for multiple inputs, including 1/4”, 1/8”, and RCA connections, giving you the flexibility to connect to virtually any audio source.

M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors
M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors

The front panel includes an easily-accessible 1/8” AUX input to connect smartphones and other devices, as well as a headphone output connection for private listening.

In addition to these features, the BX3BT monitors come with premium quality interconnect cables, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection.

The package also includes MPC Beats, a fully-featured beat-making software based on the legendary MPC workflow, making it easier than ever to create, record, and share your musical ideas.

Upgrade your sound with the M-Audio BX3BT Studio Monitors.

KRK Classic Studio Monitor

Best For Budget

KRK Classic Studio Monitor

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Why We Love It

Music lovers, mic the sound of clarity with the KRK Classic Studio Monitor!

This impressive piece of audio equipment has all your production needs covered. High-low frequency controls let you tailor your sound to whatever environment, preference or music style you’re playing.

The custom bi-amped class A/B amp delivers large headroom and low distortion for a crisp clear sound.

KRK Classic Studio Monitor
KRK Classic Studio Monitor

Plus its soft dome tweeter offers smooth and articulate highs up to 35kHz — perfect for mixing and mastering your tracks.

And when it comes to keeping distortion at bay the low-resonance enclosure combined with the lightweight glass-aramid composite woofer will take care of that.

Get ready to hear your tracks come alive— pick up the KRK Classic Studio Monitor today!

What You Should Know

The KRK Classic Studio Monitor has become a staple tool in the music creation world for its dependable and accurate performance.

It boasts an innovative Class A/B amplifier with a built-in automatic limiter, a 1” soft dome tweeter, and 5” glass-Aramid composite woofer.

KRK Classic Studio Monitor
KRK Classic Studio Monitor

But what sets this professional studio monitor apart is its flat low frequency adjustment, adding versatility and improved accuracy for mixes that translate well in different environments.

Not to mention its superior low-end extension with an optional setting of plus-2dB KRK Bass Boost, which has been acclaimed by music creators worldwide.

The KRK Classic Studio Monitor is the perfect addition to any music creator's toolkit.

The Best Studio Monitors Under $200 FAQ Section!

Trying to sort through the abundance of information from vendors, customer reviews and other sources to find the most comprehensive and helpful answers can be time consuming.

Look no further!

Our FAQ Section is filled with answers to your most challenging questions so that you can make a confident decision about the product that's best for you.

How do you know if your studio monitor is durable?

Durability is an important factor to consider when selecting a studio monitor.

Generally, studio monitors are rated for their durability based on the materials used in their construction and the number of hours they can handle without failure.

To make sure your monitor will last, look for strong materials such as steel or aluminum with reinforced seals and connections that don't easily wear out.

Additionally, check for ratings from reputable manufacturers indicating how long a particular unit can withstand normal use before needing servicing or repair.

How do you choose the right studio monitors for home recording?

Choosing the right studio monitors for home recording depends on several factors, such as budget, room size, acoustic treatment needs, and power requirements. 

Doing your research is key to making an informed decision. 

Start by figuring out what type of sound you want: near-field or mid-field monitors? 

Then determine your budget and decide which features are essential.

Is it worth investing in studio monitors under $200?

The short answer is yes, it’s worth investing in the best budget studio monitors under $200. 

While these may not be the best quality compared to some of the more expensive models, for those just getting started with audio production or don't have a large budget, they can still provide a good sound that will help you improve your recordings.

What features should I look for in studio monitors for home recording?

When looking for studio monitors for home recording, the most important features to consider are frequency range, sound pressure levels (SPLs), design, connectivity and price.

Frequency response is the range of audible frequencies that a monitor can accurately reproduce; this range should be wide enough to adequately pick up all sounds in a mix. 

Additionally, SPLs measure how loud a speaker can get - higher SPLs will result in greater volume capabilities.

What is the difference between consumer speakers and professional studio monitors?

Consumer speakers are designed to reproduce sound in a way that is pleasing to the ear and often emphasize certain frequencies or tones. 

Professional studio monitors, on the other hand, are designed with an emphasis on accuracy and flat frequency response. 

This ensures that producers have a faithful representation of their sound in order to make informed decisions about its overall quality.

Are there any good studio monitors available for under $200?


If you're looking for the best affordable studio monitors on a budget, there are plenty of good options available for under $200. 

The Yamaha HS5 is one popular choice and features high-resolution sound reproduction. 

The JBL 305P MkII is another solid choice and offers great low end extension along with neutral frequency response and tight stereo imaging. 

These are just 2 examples of high quality affordable studio monitors under $200.

What are some tips to get the most out of your budget studio monitor setup?

To get the most out of your budget studio monitors, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. 

First, make sure that you have proper acoustic treatment for the room. 

Also, be sure to use high-quality cables between your studio monitors and audio source device. 

Lastly, it's important to listen at different levels and distances—if not properly calibrated, different volumes can cause discrepancies in the sound quality or worse yet distortion if played too loud.

What types of connectors should I look for when buying a budget studio monitor?

When shopping for budget studio monitors, look for XLR (balanced) or TRS (unbalanced) connectors as these are the best options if you're looking to achieve a great sound quality. 

Additionally, 1/4 inch jacks and RCA connections should also be considered since they provide more flexibility in terms of plugging into different devices or audio systems.

Do cheaper studio monitors still provide accurate sound reproduction?

Yes, cheap studio monitors can still provide accurate sound reproduction and can offer great value for money.

Low cost speakers may not boast the same features and specifications as those of more expensive models, but they are often just as capable when it comes to accurately reproducing sound.

The Best Studio Monitors Under $200 For You!

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