Looking for a way to get rid of your dog's funky smell?

Not only will our top five dog deodorizing sprays help get rid of that pesky smell, but they will also leave your furry friend smelling fresh and clean.

So if you are looking for a way to keep your dog smelling great, then read on!

We know that you want the best for your furry friend, and that's why we have made sure to include some of the best options on the market.

All of these sprays are safe for dogs and are gentle enough to be used every day.

Purchase one of our top five dog deodorizing sprays today!

How We Choose The Best Deodorizing Spray

It can be hard to know if a product is actually any good before you buy it.

How do you know if that new product you're thinking of buying is really as good as the manufacturer says it is? Will it stand up to your expectations?

QualityQuickCheck takes the guesswork out of buying products online.

We review only the best products and compare brands so that you can make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned money.

PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray

Best for quality

PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray

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Why We Love It

Does your pup have an odor problem?

Look no further than PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray - the perfect choice for giving your pooch the spa-like treatment they deserve!

Highly acclaimed by groomers, pet owners and pups everywhere, this dog cologne will keep your pet looking their best while smelling absolutely fabulous.

PAWFUME uses fragrances that are high-end luxury scents to make sure your pup is rocking an irresistible aroma.

PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray
PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray

Plus, it's infused with botanicals like aloe, chamomile, and jojoba oil to help moisturize and detangle their fur while also reducing static!

Not only that but Pawfume works great as a dog dry skin treatment too!

So even if you’ve got a bit of a smelly pup or a four-legged friend in need of some extra skincare love, Pawfume’s deodorizing fragrance has got you covered.

Get ready for compliments from the park and beyond because your pooch will look and smell amazing with PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray!

What You Should Know

If you care about your furry friend's well-being, choosing an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic fragrance for them is a must.

Our cologne for dogs pet spray has got you covered.

PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray
PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray

Not only is it alcohol-free and made with probiotic formula, it keeps your dog smelling fresh and their coat shiny for up to five times longer than other leading brands.

plus, it comes in three different scents. Keep your pooch feeling pampered without having to worry about unpleasant side effects on their skin or health.

Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne

Best for a variety of scents

Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne

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Why We Love It

Introducing Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne! Say goodbye to smelly pet odors with our amazing pet cologne spray.

If your furry companion's fur is wet and smelly from playing outdoors or having fun with other furry friends, never fear – Bodhi Dog Pet Cologne is here!

Our cologne has the perfect balance of freshness without overpowering the senses – designed to get rid of offensive pet odor without any fuss.

Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne
Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne

And it doesn't stop there; our pet cologne contains natural conditioners that help detangle and soften your pet's fur – giving them a soft and silky coat that feels just as luxurious as it looks.

Plus, no need to worry about sticky messes or residue; simply spray and brush for an ultra-clean finish every time.

Keep your favorite pal smelling their best with Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne today!

What You Should Know

Our pet perfume is the perfect solution for any pet owner wanting to leave their beloved companion smelling fresh and clean.

Our cruelty-free, highest-quality pet fragrance is suitable for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits of all ages with normal or sensitive skin.

Safe to use on all types of fur, simply spray a few spritzes of our perfume onto your pets’ coats and watch it envelop them in the most delightful aroma.

Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne
Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne

Proudly made in the USA with eco-friendly ingredients, socially responsible practices, and recyclable packaging, you can trust that we stand behind our products and want what is best for you and your pet.

Join us as we create a better world for animals—we are a small family-owned business dedicated to making only pet lovers happy!

TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray

Best dog deodorizing sprays for value

TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray

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Why We Love It

Your pet can be fresher and happier with TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray!

Not only will your pet smell amazing all day long thanks to the unique scent of papaya, but this spray helps break down the stinky odors like dirty feet and flatulence, leaving pets smelling clean and fresh.

TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray
TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray

Formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that effectively moisturize the skin and coat all while deodorizing, it's a must-have in every pet parent's arsenal.

Freshening up couldn't be easier — just spray your pet's fur (avoiding their eyes) as needed.

What You Should Know

Ready to get those pets feeling and smelling their best?

Look no further than TropiClean! Their sprays are both paraben and dye free, so you can feel confident in your choice of dog bathing supplies.

TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray
TropiClean Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray

You don't have to worry about washing away topical treatments; these sprays are soap free for unmistakably fresh pets.

Plus, they're proudly made in the U.S.A by pet lovers just like you; that's a win-win situation if we ever heard one!

With TropiClean's safe and effective products, your pup will be looking and feeling their very best in no time at all.

Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs

Best dog deodorizing sprays for all fur types

Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs

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Why We Love It

Have you been looking for a pet deodorant with an uplifting, refreshing scent of eucalyptus and spearmint that both refreshes and deodorizes your pup’s coat and skin?

Then you need to see Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs!

This paraben-free, alcohol-free formula has a pH-balanced formulation for sensitive pup skin and will leave your best friend smelling their freshest.

Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs
Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs

Our natural plant-derived ingredients are non-irritating, perfect for all kinds of dogs large and small.

Easily applied to the coat after bathing or as needed in between washes, it is sure to neutralize any offensive odors from fur.

So don’t wait until your pet becomes stinky before reaching for the deodorant – why not spoil them with something special today!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a way to keep your pet's fur & hair clean and soft, Wahl is the best choice.

Over the last 50 years, our company of animal lovers has been providing professional vets and groomers with products tailored just for them.

Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs
Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs

Our doggie deodorant helps strengthen coats and make them shine with hydrolyzed wheat protein, while our products leave a gentle scent that isn't overpowering.

Not only is our deodorant easy to apply between baths, but it will also leave your pet's coat strong and shiny.

With Wahl's commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your family member is getting the best care possible.

Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

Best dog deodorizing sprays for dogs with sensitive skin

Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

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Why We Love It

Let your pup feel confident, clean and fresh with Arm & Hammer For Pets Super-Deodorizing Spray!

A natural solution to pungent pet odors, this spray will remove odors while keeping your furry friend feeling great.

The all-natural ingredients work as a powerful yet gentle deodorizer - no more harsh chemicals or sprays that can irritate your pet's sensitive skin.

Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs
Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

Let them go out and play worry-free, knowing they'll come home smelling like their true self again.

Show them you care the comfortable way with Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a pet odor remover specifically designed and balanced for dogs, this product is a great solution.

Not only is it derived from natural ingredients, but it's especially suitable for pets with sensitive skin.

Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs
Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

Additionally, it's currently in the process of transitioning to new packaging, meaning that you'll get the same effective dog shampoo in newly-designed bottles.

Stock up today and enjoy the various benefits of this pet odor remover spray.

Dog deodorizing spray FAQs

If you are not familiar with dog deodorizing sprays, it's likely you still have some unanswered questions.

Luckily for you, you're not alone!

So, we included the most frequently asked questions and answers below to help you make an informed decision when picking your favorite dog deodorizing spray.

How can I deodorize my dog without a bath?

There are a few things you can do to help deodorize your dog without giving them a bath.

Try brushing their fur regularly, as this will help remove any loose hair or dirt that might be causing smells.

You can also try using a pet dryer to help remove any moisture from their coat, which will help reduce the amount of bacteria that can grow and cause bad smells.

Additionally, you can use an odor-neutralizing spray or powder to help neutralize any bad smells that might be lingering on your dog's fur.

Can I spray Febreze on my dog?

It is not recommended to spray Febreze on your dog. 

While the product is made to be safe for humans, it has not been tested on animals and therefore it is not known whether or not it is safe to use. 

Additionally, Febreze contains alcohol which could be harmful if ingested by your pet.

Can you put an air freshener on a dog?

You can put an air freshener on a dog, but it's not recommended.

Most air fresheners are made with chemicals that are toxic to dogs, and even the artificial scents can be irritating to their noses.

It's a good idea to keep your house clean and aired out instead of relying on air fresheners.

 That way you won't have to worry about your dog's health or about the smell of your house.

Is it okay to put perfume on a dog?

There are a lot of conflicting opinions on this topic, but in general it is not recommended to put perfume on a dog. 

Most perfumes and colognes contain chemicals that can be harmful to dogs if ingested or even if they simply come into contact with the skin.

Some people do choose to put a small amount of perfume on their dog's collar or directly on their fur as a way to mask unwanted smells, but it's always best to check with your veterinarian before doing anything like this. 

Fragrances can also trigger allergic reactions in some dogs, so it's important to be aware of your pet's individual sensitivities before using any kind of scent-based product.

Why do dogs still smell after a bath?

Dogs still smell after a bath because the scent glands in their skin are still active and producing sweat.

The sweat contains pheromones, which are chemicals that allow dogs to communicate with each other.

So even though they may be clean, they're still emitting their natural scent.

Are dog deodorizers safe for dogs?

Yes, usually. Dog deodorizers are made with safe ingredients and are usually effective in eliminating unpleasant dog smells.

However, it's important to read the label carefully to be sure that the product is safe for dogs before using it.

Some dog deodorizers contain ingredients that may be harmful to dogs if swallowed, so be sure to keep any product you use out of reach of your pet.

And if your dog seems to have an adverse reaction to a particular deodorizer, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

How much deodorizing spray should you use on a dog?

It really depends on the size of your dog and the severity of the smell. For a small dog, I would say 1-2 sprays should do the trick. 

For a bigger dog, you may need to use 3-4 sprays. 

If you continue to notice a strong odor after using the spray, then it's likely that there is something else causing the smell (e.g., bad teeth, infection, etc.) and you should take your pet to the vet for a check-up.

What's the best way to use dog deodorizing spray?

There are a few ways to use dog deodorizing spray. One way is to spray it on your dog's coat before you brush it. 

This will help the deodorizing ingredients penetrate the fur and work their magic. 

Another way is to mist it directly onto the areas where your dog smells bad. Finally, you can add a few drops of the spray to your dog's bathwater.

How do I know if my dog needs a deodorizing spray?

There are a few ways to tell if your dog needs a deodorizing spray. 

One way is to check the fur for any signs of bad odor. If you notice your dog smells a bit musty or like skunks, then it might be time for a deodorizing spray. 

Another way to tell is by checking the dog's skin. 

If the skin is oily and covered in blackheads, then it's likely that your dog is releasing an unpleasant smell. 

In either case, using a deodorizing spray can help get rid of the bad odor and make your pup smell fresher and cleaner.

Does baby powder help with dog smell?

It can help a little, but you should still bathe your dog regularly.

Some people swear by baby powder to help reduce the dog smell, while others say it doesn't work at all.

The main issue is that it's not really enough to get rid of the smell permanently - you need to bathe your dog regularly (at least once a week) to keep them clean and smelling good and use a deodorizing spray.

What is the best dog deodorizing spray?

There is no clear consensus on the best dog deodorizing spray, as different sprays work better for different dogs. 

You may have to try a few different types of sprays before you find one that works well for your dog.

Top Picks For The Best Professional Grade Dog Deodorizing Spray

If you’re looking for the best professional-grade dog deodorizing spray, any one of these 5 products will serve you well.

With a quality deodorizing spray, your dog will be fresh and stink-free in no time.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to click the link to check the price of your favorite deodorizing spray!

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