Are you an acoustic guitarist looking for the perfect pick?

Finding the right pick can be hard. But don’t worry – we have done all of the work for you!

Our review will tell you everything that you need to know about some of the best acoustic guitar picks on the market today, so you don’t have to spend hours researching them yourself.

We'll talk about their features, how they sound, and why they are great choices for any acoustic guitarist.

You want a pick that is comfortable in your hand and provides just enough grip so it won't slip away during those fast solo runs - but also one with a brighter tone that will make those intense chords sing out like never before!

With our comprehensive reviews, you can find out which picks are capable of creating these effects without ever having to go through trial and error.

Read on now and discover which acoustic guitar picks will bring your playing up another level!

How We Choose The Best Guitar Picks

It can be hard to find quality products, especially when you don't have the time to do extensive research.

QualityQuickCheck is a trustworthy resource that takes the time to read verified customer reviews so you don't have to.

We only recommend high-quality products that we would feel comfortable using ourselves.

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks

Best For Cool Designs

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Every acoustic guitarist knows how important comfort is when playing one’s instrument of choice, and the team at Fender understands this like no other.

That’s why they designed the Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks to provide high-performance flexibility for every performer.

This twelve-pack features one premium guitar pick in each of twelve assorted colors, including Red Moto, Black Moto, White Moto, Blue Moto, Ocean Turquoise Moto, and more.

Giving you a wide range of choices so you can choose the perfect pick to suit your unique style and sound.

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks
Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks

Designed with versatility in mind, each pick has a classic 351 shape that makes it easy to hold and curate the right tone.

Whether you’re new to acoustic guitar or have been strumming chords for years, you’ll love the precision and comfort of these picks.

Synthesizing performance with affordability makes this set of Fender picks an absolute must for any acoustic guitarist!

What You Should Know

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks are the perfect tool for any musician.

Available in twelve different colors, each pick is precision-cut in Fender's traditional 351 pick shape and has a thin design that weighs a mere 0.3 ounces.

Its thin design allows players to feel their strings while still getting the articulation they desire.

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks
Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks

The picks are also Made in the U.S.A., so you can be sure you're getting a quality product that was manufactured with care and attention to detail.

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks offer guitarists dynamic expression and versatility without sacrificing the integrity of sound - no matter what type of music you play!

D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks

Best For Beatles Fans

D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Looking to add a little rock and roll to your sound? Look no further – the D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks are here!

Show your love and appreciation for the world’s most celebrated band with this 15 pack of picks.

These picks are made from the highest quality celluloid, giving you that classic feel and tone you need for your playing.

From ukulele to electric guitar, you can rock out on any instrument with these picks.

D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks
D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks

As an extra bonus, every pick comes in a collectible Beatles tin and has highly detailed artwork printed on it, so your shredding skills will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Music lovers, get ready – these D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks are ideal for acoustic guitarists interested in expressing their inner rockstar!

What You Should Know

D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks are the perfect option for any Beatles fan who is either looking to play or to collect and admire.

These limited edition picks come in a variety of gauges and feature iconic images such as Abbey Road, Sgt. Peppers, Revolver, and more.

D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks
D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks

Each pick features highly detailed artwork, printed on high quality celluloid; they were made in the USA with care and precision.

The collectible pick tin also includes The Beatles' logo.

If you're looking for a memento to commemorate the fab four, D'Addario Beatles Guitar Picks are sure to satisfy!

D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks

Best for value

D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

If you’re an acoustic guitar player looking for a pick that offers comfort and superior sound, then look no further than the D’Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks.

Featuring a medium gauge size of 70mm, it works great whether you’re strumming or picking out intricately detailed notes.

Each one is crafted from high-quality celluloid to ensure maximum feel and a warm and fat tone that truly brings out the best in your instrument.

D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks
D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks

Plus, the ergonomic standard shape makes them comfortable to hold and play.

And because they come in five vibrant colors, you can choose according to your personal preference or based on your current mood!

So get these picks now and hear your guitar sing like never before.

What You Should Know

D'Addario offers Celluloid Guitar Picks in packaging that is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact.

D'Addario picks are perfect for any guitar studier, from beginners to veterans.

Available in a range of sizes from extra thin to heavy, D'Addario picks make great gifts, whether you're looking for acoustic, electric, or bass guitar picks.

D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks
D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks

Their special grip coating helps you keep a firm hold on the pick while playing ensuring smooth string strikes every time.

Make D'Addario's Celluloid Guitar Picks part of your next music-making experience!

Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks

Best for Wood Material

Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Say goodbye to bland guitar picks and hello to Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks!

As the perfect accessory for any acoustic guitarist, these picks add a whole new layer of tone that plastic simply can’t provide.

Whether you’re strumming or picking, your music will take on a whole new color and feel, adding vibrancy and soul to your music.

Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks
Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks

Crafted with real wood, these flexible and durable picks offer longevity as well as a pleasing aesthetic.

With seven picks in every order, choose from an array of thickness you need to customize your sound exactly the way you want.

Best of all, our lightweight aluminum container is portable and perfect for kitting up whenever - and wherever - you like!

So don’t wait - unleash your sound with unique wooden guitar pick from Generisch Stickpick today!

What You Should Know

Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Pick, created in Germany and weighing only 0.634 ounces, is the perfect solution for strumming your guitar with ease.

Their wooden material offers a secure grip that won't slip away while you play, and they'll give your sound an unmistakable uniqueness that other picks simply can't match.

Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks
Generisch Stickpick Wooden Guitar Picks

Generisch Stickpick is the ideal choice for any guitarist looking to set themselves apart with their music.

Acoustic Guitar Picks FAQ Section

Acoustic guitar players are always looking for the best pick to help them create their desired tone.

There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect acoustic guitar pick.

The type of wood your guitar is made from, the gauge of your strings, and even your playing style all play a role in what type of pick will work best for you.

We've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about acoustic guitar picks to help make your search a little bit easier.

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions about picking the right one for you.

What thickness pick should I use for playing acoustic guitar?

When it comes to choosing the right pick for playing acoustic guitar, it largely depends on personal preference. 

Generally, a medium-gauge pick works well — these measure around 0.73 mm in thickness and provide a balanced attack with good note articulation and control.

Should you use a different pick between an acoustic and electric guitar?

Yes, you should use a different pick for an acoustic versus electric guitar. 

Acoustic guitars benefit from thinner picks which allow the vibrations of the strings to travel through to the soundboard more easily. 

Electric guitars, on the other hand, require thicker picks which provide more grip and help reduce string noise. 

Thinner picks are also better at strumming chords while thicker picks are great for lead lines and solos.

Do acoustic guitarists use picks?

It depends. Many acoustic guitarists strum with their hands or use a flatpick, while some may use fingerstyle techniques that don't require a pick. 

Ultimately the type of approach taken is based on the guitarist's individual preference and playing style.

What thickness guitar pick did Eddie Van Halen use?

Eddie Van Halen used a 0.88mm Dunlop Tortex guitar pick, which is considered to be the standard size for most electric guitarists. 

He also occasionally used a 1.14mm pick when he needed more attack in his playing, but he tended to favor the thinner option overall.

How do I choose the right guitar pick?

The right guitar pick depends on your individual playing style and preferences. 

For example, heavier picks (1.14mm or thicker) can produce a warmer tone with more volume than lighter picks (0.71mm or thinner). 

If you play lead guitar in music such as metal, rock, blues, etc., then a heavier pick may be more suitable for you. 

You can also go to your local music store to find the right pick.

What is the best pick thickness for beginners?

The best pick thickness for beginner guitarists is 0.46mm – 0.71mm (medium gauge). 

Medium gauge picks provide the perfect balance between being too stiff and having enough flexibility to comfortably handle your strumming and picking techniques.

Is it easier to strum with a thin pick?

Yes, it is generally easier to strum with a thin pick. 

Thin picks are more flexible than thicker ones and offer better control over the strings, giving players a better overall sound when strumming.

So usually yes it is better to play guitar with a thin pick.

How should you hold a pick when playing guitar?

The most common way to hold a pick when playing guitar is between the thumb and the index finger. 

Grip it lightly, making sure that the bottom of your thumb touches the flat side of the pick and that it's pointed away from your palm.

Best Acoustic Guitar Picks For You

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