Gaming keycaps are a great way to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Not only do they make it easier for you to interact with your games, but they also look cool and can help you stand out from the crowd.

There is a wide variety of gaming keycaps on the market, so it can be tough to decide which set is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect set for your needs.

Whether you are looking for something that is durable and easy to clean or something that has a unique style, we have you covered.

Read more on our buyer's guide for the best gaming keycaps and find the perfect set for your needs!

How We Choose The Best Keycaps For Keyboards

You're looking for a new product to buy, but you don't have time to research every option.

It can be tough to figure out which product is the best one for you, especially when there are so many options available.

A close up of a keyboard with different color writing on the keys.
How We Choose The Best Keycaps For Keyboards

QualityQuickCheck is here to help.

We've done all of the hard work for you and found only the best products in each category.

Whether you're looking for a new laptop, dog toy, or pair of boxing gloves, we've got you covered.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps

Best for affordability

HyperX Pudding Keycaps

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Why We Love It

Are you ready for your keyboard to really pop? Then the HyperX Pudding Keycaps are the perfect choice for you!

Our dual-layer design is designed to let more light through, making your keyboard’s RGB lighting absolutely stunning.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps
HyperX Pudding Keycaps

Plus, these PBT keycaps are made to last with thick walls that are resistant to wear, friction and solvents.

To make installation and removal super easy, we’ve also included our specially designed keycap removal tool that precisely fits HyperX keycaps.

So, if you want an upgrade that’s both practical and beautiful, HyperX Pudding Keycaps are ideal!

HyperX Pudding Keycaps
HyperX Pudding Keycaps

What You Should Know

HyperX is a leader in mechanical gaming keyboards, offering enhanced visibility and legibility of their individual keys.

Their full key set is compatible with most mechanical gaming keyboards, and its bold, wide font design allows more light to shine through - making the keyboard's design even more striking.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps
HyperX Pudding Keycaps

Not only that, but this feature also increases the accuracy of your keystrokes due to the improved clarity and exposure of each key.

So, whether you're exploring a virtual world or executing moves in competitive tournaments, HyperX has you covered!

Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards

Best for quality

Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set, designed to bring the best in gaming experience and performance!

Featuring textured, high-grade PBT for a more durable finish that's less prone to long-term grime buildup, this upgrade set provides maximum durability and consistent key presses.

Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards
Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards

Whether you're gaming or working from home, you can enjoy reliable key presses for a seamless experience every time.

Compatible with both Razer Mechanical and Optical Keyboards as well as Standard 104/105 US and UK layouts, you can easily customize your keyboard setup for the ultimate look and feel.

Upgrade your gaming station today with the Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set—you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards
Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards

What You Should Know

The unique Doubleshot keycaps construction process for thin fonts allows you to enjoy a truly special gaming experience, whether it's on your Mechanical or Optical Razer keyboard.

Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap Upgrade Set for Mechanical & Optical Keyboards

The keyboard consists of 120 keycaps and additional stabilizers, enabling you to have a full RGB system that fits neatly into any key switch with a cross-shaped axis - so anyone can play in vibrant colors.

Its quality design and exceptional craftsmanship make this technology reliable and long-lasting, giving you more hours of uninterrupted fun.

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

Best for value

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

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Why We Love It

Say farewell to faded characters and blurry fonts on your keyboard with G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps!

These keycaps are designed to make your gaming or work experience easier and more enjoyable, featuring a bold, minimalistic font that is easy to read, giving you better visibility of each individual key.

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps
G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

Check out the standard bottom-row layout that has been designed to fit almost any mechanical keyboard.

Whether your beta-testing a new game or typing away at some important emails, these smartly designed keycaps will ensure you stay looking cool while doing it.

Get your G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps now and start typing away in style!

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps
G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

What You Should Know

G.SKILL's Crystal Crown Keycaps offer a perfect way to light up your gaming keyboard and give it a great look.

Featuring a dual-layered design, the keycap uses transparent plastic top pieces to allow more light through them.

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps
G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

As an added benefit, these keycaps come with an easy-to-use Keycap Puller Tool ensuring not only a safe and secure way of removing keycaps from your keyboard but also faster installation of the new ones.

The result? A stunning RGB backlight effect from G.SKILL’s Crystal Crown Keycaps set, which is sure to take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Best for its unique design

MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

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Why We Love It

Upgrade your gaming experience with the MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set! This set of mechanical keyboard keycaps is an amazing addition to any gaming lover's arsenal.

Made of PBT materials and designed ergonomically, these caps are anti-grease to ensure a better playing experience.

Plus, they come printed with beautiful plum blossom patterns, making them the perfect way to up your gaming-style game.

MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

But that’s not all—these caps also feature a matte PBT thermal sublimation texture that’s smooth and grainy, fingerprint-proof, and prevents sweat and oil stickiness.

So don’t suffer through outdated and uncomfortable caps—upgrade to the MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for a unique look and feel for your gaming setup.

Grab yours today for an unbeatable experience!

MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

What You Should Know

With the thermal sublimation process on these keycaps, you're able to experience brighter and more vivid color patterns that remain vibrant for much longer.

The product comes with a total of 71 pcs of keyboard keycaps that can be effortlessly installed with the included keycap puller.

MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
MOLGRIA Keycaps 71 Set for Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

It is compatible with a 6.25u spacebar but unfortunately won't fit keyboards such as HHKB Corsair and Logitech.

Investing in this product is sure to give your keyboards an amazing look like digital artwork!

Best keycaps FAQs

You're considering buying a new keyboard, but you're not sure if keycaps are worth the investment.

Multiple gaming keyboards on a gaming desk.
Best keycaps FAQs

Keycaps can be a great way to improve your typing experience and spice up your keyboard

We've answered the most frequently asked questions about keyboard keycaps below to help make your decision easier.

What are the best keycaps for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, the best keycaps for performance and comfort are custom keycaps made with PBT plastic. PBT plastic is known for its durability and resistance against wear and tear.

The keys tend to stay in place too, even after multiple uses. Keycaps made out of ABS plastic will not withstand as much wear and tear over time as those made with PBT material.

Therefore, if you're looking to have a longer lasting gaming experience without having to replace your keycaps regularly, then investing in a set of PBT keycaps would be your best bet!

What are the most popular keycaps?

The most popular keycaps right now are PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) keycaps. 

These types of keycaps offer a superior typing experience, longer lasting durability than ABS or rubber-coated ones and come in various colors and textures. 

Compared to ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) keycaps, PBTs wear less over time due to its higher melting point, making them ideal for extended gaming or typing sessions. 

Moreover, PBT texture will not develop shiny spots that plague users with fingerprints over time from frequent use of the board like the case with ABS keys.

Are all gaming keycaps the same size?

No, gaming keycaps are not all the same size. Depending on the specific type of keyboard you have or whether it's a custom keycap set, your keycaps may need to be varying in size.

For example, mechanical keyboards tend to be larger and bulkier than their membrane counterparts while laptop keys tend to be much smaller compared to a standard desktop keyboard.

The sizes of gaming keycaps also vary depending on the individual manufacturer, with some designs being slightly wider or longer than others.

Additionally, game-specific keysets may include oversized keys for easier access during intense gameplay sessions.

This means that there is no “standard” size for a gaming keycap—it can depend upon multiple factors such as its purpose and intended audience.

Which keycap is the loudest?

When it comes to the loudest keycap, there is no definitive answer - as this depends on a variety of factors.

The type of switch being used in a keyboard plays an important role in determining the sound level.

For example, mechanical switches tend to be quite loud while rubber dome switches are known for their silent operation. Furthermore, the materials used for a keycap can also affect its sound level.

Generally speaking, aluminum and plastic keycaps will produce louder sounds than softer materials such as silicone or rubber ones due to their higher density and rigidity, which allow for better striking against the switch below them and therefore create more noise when pressed down.

Are thicker keycaps louder?

The short answer is yes, thicker keycaps tend to be louder than thin keycaps. 

This is because the larger the surface area of the keycap, the more sound it creates when pressed.

Thicker keys also produce a deeper, fuller sound as compared to thinner keys due to their increased mass and displacement upon contact with the switch mechanism. 

The increased mass of a thicker keycap produces a stronger impact when pressed against a switch.

Are thicker keycaps better?

When it comes to keycaps, thicker is often better. The thickness of a keycap can provide several advantages that make typing more comfortable and enjoyable.

One benefit of the keycap material being thicker is the tactile feedback they provide.

Thicker keys have a tendency to depress further than thinner ones, making them easier to identify by touch before you even press them down, and also providing greater feedback when you do press them.

This makes it much easier for typists who are used to physical keyboards and allows for typing without relying solely on visual cues from the keyboard layout.

But Thicker keycaps tend to be louder than thinner ones which may be a pro or a con depending on your intended use for the keycaps and keyboard.

What is the quietest keycap set?

The quietest keycaps are generally thinner keycaps and have a high-pitched "click" sound compared to the louder "clack" of thicker keycaps.

When looking for the quietest keycap profiles look for ones that specifically state they are designed to be quieter.

Do keycaps affect speed?

Yes, the type of keycap you use can affect your typing and gaming speed.

Keycaps come in shapes and styles that can change how quickly your fingers move across them.

Different switch types, sizes, materials, profiles, stabilizers, and surfaces all have an impact on speed as well.

What is the purpose of keycaps?

Keycaps are removable plastic caps that cover the individual keys on a keyboard.

Their purpose is to provide protection to the key switches underneath, as well as help users identify and feel out each key easily without having to look down at their keyboards constantly.

Keycaps come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from uniform cylindrical shapes on traditional mechanical keyboards up to sculptured or contoured designs found on modern low-profile keyboards.

The type of keycap used can affect how comfortable typing becomes; some users may prefer a flat profile while others might enjoy a curved design that provides more ergonomic support for your fingertips during long typing sessions.

Additionally, different materials such as ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) or rubber keycaps will have varying levels of grip and texture which can be tailored to everyone’s preference.

Are keycaps worth it?

Yes, keycaps are definitely worth it. The benefits of investing in a quality set of keycaps range from improved typing comfort and accuracy to an added layer of personalization for any keyboard or laptop.

When it comes to typing comfort and accuracy, keycaps can make a huge difference. 

They affect the tactile feedback you get while typing - the more ergonomic a keycap is, the better your fingers fit into them and thus easier they are to press accurately without straining your hands. 

Keycap sets usually come with contoured edges that ease holding down the keys which help reduce fatigue over long periods of use, especially for those who type often such as programmers, writers, or gamers.

Do keycaps improve gaming skills?

The short answer is no it won't make you a more skillful gamer, but it can improve your speed resulting in better gaming with keycaps.

Keycaps enable you to type faster and more accurately by providing better tactile feedback and increased precision when pressing down on a particular key.

There are several benefits to having improved typing speed and accuracy while playing video games.

In many types of online games—such as those where you control characters through the use of commands or spells—having faster and more accurate typing skills can make all the difference between success or failure in certain situations.

By reducing errors due to clumsy inputs or typos, you can make sure that your commands reach their intended targets quickly and effectively – something which could be crucial for victory!

Moreover, even if you don’t play real-time strategy type games requiring input from the keyboard/mouse combo; having better control over your movements could be beneficial.

What are double shot keycaps?

Double shot keycaps are keycaps made of two layers of plastic.

The first layer is typically the base color or print and the second layer is almost always a transparent plastic allowing the backlight from your keyboard to shine through.

This method has become increasingly popular due to its long-term durability and excellent feel.

Keycap legends (the text on each key) are usually printed onto this upper piece of plastic, making them more resistant to wear over time than traditional laser-etched or pad-printed options.

Some enthusiasts have even chosen double shot keys for their entire keyboards as it looks very clean and professional.

The Most Stylish Keycaps For You!

Now that you’ve had a chance to read about some of the best keycaps on the market, we hope you feel more confident in your decision.

Any one of our top picks would make for an excellent addition to your keyboard, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with whichever one you choose.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on all our new gaming related articles!

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