Summer is upon us and with summer comes plenty of great opportunities to host your own backyard barbecues or just cook your favorite meals on the grill.

But don't let Mother Nature ruin the fun.

Someone grilling fruits.
Get Your Grilling On, The Best Grill Covers to Invest in Today!

Investing in one of these top-rated grill covers will ensure that your grilling session isn’t interrupted by rain or gusts of wind.

In this article, we review the best grill covers picked by our team of industry experts to help you get your grilling game on without worry of damage to your grill due to bad weather.

How We Choose The Best Grill Covers

We all know the endless number of products on the market claiming to be the best but how can you know for sure without spending hours of your own time researching just to end up with a faulty product that wastes your precious time and money?

Well, we recognized this common problem and decided to help out the average person with this issue.

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How We Choose The Best Grill Covers

Our team of grilling experts is hired to use their knowledge to find the best products on the market and bring them to you so you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting.

Rely on QualityQuickCheck's reviews and you can forget about making bad buying decisions.

Grillman Premium Grill Cover

Best Grill Cover for Value 

23% Off

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Why We Love The Grillman Premium Grill Cover

Get ready to grill in any weather with the luxurious Grillman Premium Grill Cover!

Our incredible cover keeps out all kinds of bad weather to protect your grill during the grilling season.

This amazing grill isn't the first on our list for no reason as its material is made with heavy-duty fabric that is proven to resist cracking, fading, and tearing, ensuring that your outdoor grilling station stays in pristine condition for years to come.

Grillman Premium Grill Cover
Grillman Premium Grill Cover

With a convenient side strap fit snug around your beloved barbecue and is even secure with a fabric hook if needed - there will be no more worry about your cover blowing away in strong winds.

Plus, clean-up is easy - just spray and sun-dry this waterproof design with ease!

Show off your excellent grilling skills while protecting those delicious steaks and burgers from the elements – try our premium Grillman Grill Cover today!

What Other Customers Said

Joseph S: "Love this cover. It keeps the grill clean from dirt and dust and easy to remove when using the grill. I rarely have to clean the exterior of my grill since this keeps it pretty clean"

What You Should Know About The Grillman Premium Grill Cover

Protect your grill from the harsh elements of nature with the sturdy and durable Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover.

This top-of-the-line grill cover measures 58 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 48 inches in height, this black grill cover is the perfect fit for all popular gas and charcoal grill models so you don't have to worry about the hassle of returning the grill cover because it's the wrong size for your grill.

Grillman Premium Grill Cover
Grillman Premium Grill Cover

Don't let rain, snow, or sun damage your prized possession.

Our heavy-duty materials are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions so you can enjoy perfectly grilled steaks all year round.

No matter the size of your grill, we have a cover that will fit snugly.

Keep your grill in pristine condition at an affordable price today!


  • Easy to put on
  • Good weather protection


  • Weak handles

NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Best Grill Cover for 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

18% Off

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Why We Love The NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Say hello to the NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover, your grill’s new best friend!

Keep your grill protected from the elements of nature all year long with this heavy-duty Oxford fabric cover that has a waterproof PVC coating.

Its rip-resistant material will guard your grill against any wear and tear that Mother Nature throws it's way.

NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover
NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Plus, with its stylish design and convenient handles, and adjustable straps – making sure it never blows away - you know you’re getting a high-quality product that looks great in your backyard when you choose NEXCOVER.

With the NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover, the summer grilling season is here all year round. Get ready for hours of stress-free fun in the sun!

What Other Customers Said

HighlandAngel: "This is constructed of thick, waterproof material. I like the features of this cover and the price is fantastic. It’s fairly easy to put on & take off; it stays on the grill with the easy to use Velcro straps on the side. I know this cover will last several years because of the quality of the product. HIGHLY recommend."

What You Should Know About The NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Want the perfect protection for your grill? Then you can't go without checking this upgraded grill cover, with measurements of 55"(W) by 23"(D) by 42"(H).

Unlike other covers, you can move your grill around while the cover is still on, giving you maximum convenience and mobility with your grill.

We've made sure that our BBQ cover fits all the most popular brands, from the sleek and stylish Weber to the reliable Kenmore and Brinkmann, to the powerful Jenn Air, Holland, and Char-Broil as well as many popular smoker grills.

NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover
NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Don't forget to measure your grill before ordering to ensure the perfect fit.

With our 60-day money-back guarantee and worry-free warranty, you can have complete peace of mind even if you decide this product isn't perfect for your cooking needs.

And our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in our products.

So go ahead and grill up a storm with confidence, knowing your grill is safe.


  • Fits larger grills
  • Good price
  • Won't blow away


  • May have moderate fading over time

Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover

Best Grill Cover for Small Grills 

7% Off

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Why We Love The Aoretic 32-inch Grill Cover

Introducing the Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover, the perfect accessory for your outdoor grill!

No matter how strong the wind or heavy the rain, this is one cover you can rely on.

Thanks to its Adjustable Velcro Straps and Elastic Hem Drawstring, your barbecue is securely protected from the dangers of the outdoors.

This cover is made of upgraded fabric that exhibits superior colorfastness and UV resistance so your grill looks great all year long and never has color fading!

Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover
Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover

Plus, there's also tear resistance and cold cracking protection that offers long-lasting protection against sun, rain, snow, hail, wind, dust, and dirt.

You're sure to enjoy grilling up some delicious food with a quality product such as this one.

Get the Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover today so you can get grilling in style!

What Other Customers Said

Sue Newell: "This works well for our Ninja smoker, as it doesn't need a large table to sit on. And it covers all of it including the plug"

What You Should Know About The Aoretic 32-inch Grill Cover

The Aoretic grill cover is designed to fit most 2 burner grills with side shelves down up to 30'' wide, as well as 3 burner grills and most kettle grills.

Check the size of your grill before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

This cover measures W x D x H: 32 x 26 x 43 inches and does not fit the Spirit E II-210 grill.

Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover
Aoretic Grill Cover 32-inch Gas BBQ-Cover

Hosting a barbecue party and planning to cook juicy ribs or crispy bacon? Nothing beats the taste of food cooked on a grill, and with our cover, you can enjoy your delicious creations while extending the life of your grill.

Order today and take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year after-sales service.


  • Good for small grills
  • Strong yet lightweight material


  • Doesn't fit larger grills

Covermates Island Grill Cover

Best Grill Cover for Size

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Why We Love The Covermates Island Grill Cover

Kick off your grilling season in style with the Covermates Island Grill Cover!

Our ultimate protection against dirt, moisture, and UV damage means you can leave your outdoor grill out all summer long.

With 300D stock–dyed polyester and our versatile Elite material, this heavy-duty cover ensures exceptional durability for those special BBQ get-togethers.

Covermates Island Grill Cover
Covermates Island Grill Cover

Don't let a little wind stop the cooking - our adjustable drawcord and elastic hem details provide a unique, tightened fit so no gust will take it away!

Show off your grilling authority by making sure you have the best accessory in town – the Covermates Island Grill Cover.

Emily K. House: "This is a great universal cover. My husband uses it for our custom outdoor table that holds his large green egg grill. Easy to put on and take off, stays clean!"

What You Should Know About The Covermates Island Grill Cover

Protecting your outdoor grill is important to prevent damage from the elements.

The Covermates Elite collection offers a great option for those seeking reliable coverage.

The 3-year manufacturer warranty ensures that your purchase is guaranteed free from material and craftsmanship defects for the first three years after purchase.

Covermates Island Grill Cover
Covermates Island Grill Cover

The Elite covers are best for large sizes, like those measuring 110W x 44D x 48H.

The covers are lightweight, making them easy to use and store, and are perfect for climates with moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall and snowfall.

Don't leave your outdoor grill unprotected - choose Covermates Elite covers for optimal protection.


  • Good for extra large grills
  • Very durable


  • Cost more than others

VIBOOS Grill Cover

Best Grill Cover for low Price 

37% Off

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Why We Love The VIBOOS Grill Cover

Keep your outdoor grill safe and sound with the VIBOOS Grill Cover! Made of strong, durable Oxford cloth, this great cover is waterproof in rain and dustproof on sunny days.

No matter what the weather may bring, it can protect against intense wind, rain, storms, sunshine, dust, and snow.

VIBOOS Grill Cover
VIBOOS Grill Cover

With two Velcro straps on each side and an adjustable bottom hem rope as well as an adjustable lid to keep it from flying away on a gusty day – enjoy all your favorite barbeque recipes with family & friends - get the VIBOOS Grill Cover today!

What Other Customers Said

GOBUCS: "This is an excellent grill cover. I's in Florida and it storms a lot. The Velcro and pull string does a great job keeping the cover on the grill when the wind is blowing. My last one was chewed up by a mouse who decided to make my grill their home"

What You Should Know About The VIBOOS Grill Cover

Looking for a grill cover that won't break the bank?

Look no further than our 58inch × 24inch × 46inch cover, suitable for most 50-58 inch grills with 2 to 5 burners.

Don't risk ordering the wrong size- be sure to measure your grill before placing your order.

VIBOOS Grill Cover
VIBOOS Grill Cover

With our product, you'll receive not only the cover but also a storage bag for easy transport and storage.

Our prices are low, but our quality and customer service are top-notch. Not satisfied? No problem.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month guarantee, along with 24-hour technical support. Trust us to protect your grill for the best low price.


  • Low price
  • Drawstring helps keep in place


  • Thin material

Grill Cover Buyer's Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer's guide on grill covers!

Someone grilling steaks.
Grill Cover Buyer's Guide

This guide is designed to help you navigate through the numerous options available in the market and better learn how to utilize your new grill to its max potential for the best-tasting food.

Protecting Your Grill: The Importance of Using Grill Covers

Your grill is an investment, and like any valuable possession, it deserves proper care and protection.

That's where grill covers come into play. They are not just an accessory, but a necessity for extending the life of your grill.

Grill covers protect your grill from the elements - be it rain, snow, or intense sunlight. They prevent rusting, deter pests, and keep your grill clean from dust and debris.

Someone using a spatula against a grill.
Protecting Your Grill: The Importance of Using Grill Covers

By using a grill cover, you're ensuring that your grill remains in optimal condition, ready to fire up delicious meals whenever you want.

So don't underestimate the importance of a good grill cover; it's a small investment that will pay off in the longevity and performance of your grill.

Understanding the Different Types of Grill Covers

Grill covers are a crucial component in maintaining the longevity and performance of your grill.

They come in a variety of types, each designed with specific features for different needs.

The most common types are vinyl, polyester, and canvas grill covers. Vinyl covers are waterproof and inexpensive, but they may crack over time due to weather conditions.

Polyester covers are highly durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them a popular choice for many grill enthusiasts.

Canvas covers, while heavier and more expensive, provide excellent protection against UV rays and harsh weather, ensuring your grill remains in top condition.

Understanding these different types of grill covers will help you choose the one best suited to your grill's needs and your budget.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Grill Cover

Choosing the right size for your grill cover is crucial to ensure optimal protection.

A cover that's too small won't provide complete coverage, leaving parts of your grill exposed to the elements.

Conversely, a cover that's too large can be cumbersome to use and may not stay in place during windy conditions.

A Grill with hot coals.
How to Choose the Right Size for Your Grill Cover

To find the perfect fit to keep your cover secure, measure the width, depth, and height of your grill.

Remember to include any side tables or extensions in your measurements.

With these dimensions in hand, look for a grill cover that matches or slightly exceeds these measurements.

This will ensure a snug but convenient fit, keeping your grill safe and secure all year round.

Maintaining Your Grill Cover: Care and Cleaning Tips

Just as your grill needs regular cleaning to perform its best, so does your grill cover.

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of the cover and ensure it continues to provide optimal protection for your grill.

First, it's important to clean your grill cover periodically.

Most covers can typically be cleaned with warm water and mild soap but it's always a good idea to check the cleaning instructions of your grill cover in case it is made out of a unique material.

Someone cleaning a grill.
Maintaining Your Grill Cover: Care and Cleaning Tips

For stubborn stains, a soft bristle brush can be used. Canvas covers may require special cleaning solutions, depending on their specific instructions.

Always allow the cover to air dry completely before putting it back on the grill to prevent mold or mildew.

It's also recommended to check the cover regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Small rips or tears can be repaired with a patch kit to prevent further damage.

By taking these simple steps to care for your grill cover, you'll ensure it remains in great shape to protect your grill for many seasons to come.

The Best Grill Covers FAQ Section

Shopping for grill covers can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. You may not even know the right questions to ask to find the best one.

Someone grilling a hotdog bun, various meats and an veggies.
The Best Grill Covers FAQ Section

It's our job to make sure you make a purchase you are happy with so we do the best we can to provide you with all the knowledge possible.

We have an FAQ section below designed to answer all of your questions, so you can easily find the perfect grill cover for your space and needs.

How much does the average grill cover cost?

The cost of most grill covers varies depending on the size, material, and quality of the cover. 

Generally speaking, covers for small grills range from $15 to $45 while larger or more heavy-duty covers can cost up to $100 or more. 

Covers made out of durable materials such as Polyester and PVC fabrics are usually more expensive than covers made from cheaper materials like cotton canvas or vinyl. 

It's also important to factor in additional features like heat shields, UV protection, and weather resistance that may contribute to the price.

What are the best materials for a grill cover?

When looking for good grill cover material, Oxford fabric is one of the best materials you can choose. 

This durable nylon-cotton blend material is both water-resistant, tear-resistant and breathable meaning these grill covers prevent rust. 

Not only will it protect your grill from the elements such as rain, snow, and sunlight but it also allows air to circulate which helps prevent moisture buildup on your grill's surface.

In addition, the Oxford fabric grill covers have heat-resistant properties that will protect your grill from extreme temps.

What are some popular grill cover brands?

Grillman, Cover Mates, and Armorall are some of the most popular grill cover brands on the market today providing heavy-duty grill covers.

Does a BBQ grill cover require maintenance?

Yes, a BBQ grill cover requires maintenance to keep it in top condition. 

To maintain your BBQ grill cover, you should clean it periodically. 

This can be done by either wiping down the outside with a damp cloth or washing it in warm water and a mild detergent solution.

It's also important to check for any rips, tears, or other signs of wear on the surface and replace them if needed.

Are there different types of grill covers?

Absolutely! Grill covers come in a variety of styles, sizes, designs, colors, and materials to provide the perfect protection for your outdoor cooking equipment.

The most popular grill cover types include:

• Vinyl Covers

• Mesh Covers

• Non-Stick Covers

• Waterproof/Weather Resistant Covers

• Customized Grill Covers

Is it better to cover a grill or not?

Absolutely. It's essential to cover your grill after each use to keep it in top shape and maximize its lifespan. 

A grilling cover can help protect the exterior, minimize rust and corrosion, and keep the interior clean by preventing dirt from infiltrating into the burners, grates, or any other parts of the grill. 

Plus, if you store your grill outdoors during cold climates, a cover helps insulate it against weather damage. 

Make sure to choose a heavy-duty material that is waterproof or UV resistant too!

Are grill covers worth the money?

Yes, whether or not you have a full-size grill or just a kettle grill, BBQ grill covers are definitely worth the money. 

Grill covers protect your outdoor grill from dust, dirt, and debris that can build up in the elements and help extend its lifespan. 

They also prevent rusting and decay from water damage by keeping moisture away from your investment for long-term use.

Should I cover my grill every night?

Yes, covering your grill every night is an important part of maintaining the life of your investment. 

Grills are not indestructible and need some basic maintenance to extend their life.

Will covering my grill protect it from rust?

Yes, covering your grill is one of the best ways to protect it from rust. 

Keeping your grill covered can help reduce exposure to the elements that could potentially cause it to corrode such as rain. 

Covering your grill will also help keep its exterior clean, reducing the chances of buildup that can lead to corrosion or rust.

The Best Grill Covers For You!

After reading all about grill covers, we hope that you feel ready to tackle the summer heat and outdoor cooking in style!

Your grill is an important part of your summer activities, so take the time to choose the best cover, and maybe you can even get a matching apron or utensil holder set.

Someone grilling steaks on an grill.
The Best Grill Covers For You!

And don’t forget to check out our other blog posts with related advice on how to make the most of your outdoor entertaining experiences.

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