Are you just getting started in the world of guitar playing?

There are many types of guitar picks to choose from, and it can be tough to decide which one is best for a beginner.

We’ll help you understand how different picks affect your tone and sound so that you can make an informed decision about what will work best for you.

Guitar picking should be fun, not frustrating!

With the right pick in hand, you can easily strum chords or play lead guitar melodies like a pro.

You don't need to invest huge amounts of money into expensive gear - all you need is an understanding of different types of picks and their effects on your music.

Read this article now to learn more about choosing the perfect pick for your guitar journey!

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Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack

Best For Learning Guitar

Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Hey, guitarists! Looking to get your grooving on and playing with some extra style?

We'd like to introduce Donner's Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack!

Offering seven stunning designs and eight awesome colors, these picks are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Plus, they're made with high quality celluloid, offering a natural feel and warm tone that's perfect for playing electric, acoustic or bass guitar, banjo or ukulele.

Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack
Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack

This amazing collection is also super diverse – you'll love how the picks come in an assortment of widths and varying flexibility, so it can fit any style of music or personal playing preference.

So why wait? Make your music stand out today with Donner's Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack.

What You Should Know

Starting your guitar journey with Donner picks set provides not only a fantastic experience but also a variety of options to suit your playing style.

With four assorted thicknesses, including thin at 0.46mm, medium at 0.71mm, heavy at 0.96mm, and extra heavy at 1.2mm, you can embark on a journey of discovery and experimentation to find the perfect pick for you.

Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack
Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks 16 Pack

It is an ideal starting point for beginners, while also catering to the preferences of seasoned players and professionals alike.

Moreover, Donner picks set makes for an exceptional and thoughtful musical gift for your loved ones during any festival, ensuring that they, too, can indulge in the joys of finding their ideal guitar pick.

Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks

Best For Budget

Dulphee Best Sounds Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks are here to make the world of guitar playing your oyster!

Brought to you by Dulphee Musicals, these superb picks are designed to give your playing style and sound a truly unique and exciting transformational jolt.

Whether you're looking to play an acoustic or electric guitar, these picks fit perfectly in your fingers and provide a wonderful classic tone with their dense round tip and wide body.

Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks
Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks

Coming in many different thicknesses and colors, add some exciting new colors and depths to your sound.

Plus, at Dulphee Musicals their committed to providing customers with the highest standard of service: backed with a free-replacement, no-hassles guarantee, fast support, and complete confidence when buying!

Next time you are strumming along on your guitars don't forget about Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks.

What You Should Know

Choosing the perfect guitar pick is essential for any aspiring musician or professional guitarist, as it can greatly impact the quality of your performance.

With various options such as light gauge (0.96mm) picks which are ideal for strumming, medium gauge (0.71mm) that cater to both strumming and articulate picking, and heavy gauge (0.96mm) picks offering precision for both styles - there is a pick for everyone.

These versatile picks can be used with different types of instruments like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, and more.

Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks
Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks

This makes them a great gift for individuals of all ages, from kids and teens to adults, and is suitable for those new to the instrument as well as professional musicians.

Among the materials available, celluloid remains a highly sought after choice for its natural feel and warm, fat tone it imparts to your play.

Investing in the right pick is a crucial step in enhancing your musical skills, regardless of your expertise.

SUMAJU Abstract Art 60 PCS Guitar Picks

Best For Value

SUMAJU Abstract Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Introducing SUMAJU Abstract Art Guitar Picks – the perfect companion for any guitarist looking to unlock their full potential!

Crafted from high-quality celluloid, these picks are incredibly lightweight and durable.

Plus, their wide bodies and rounded tips make them ideal for preventing chipping, while still providing a smooth striking surface that offers a warm, round musical tone every time you play.

And with 60 pieces in each pack, you'll always have an ample supply of picks on hand when it comes time to jam!

Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks
Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks

When it comes to visual appeal, these picks also come through with flying colors.

Each pick features a beautiful abstract art design complete with vibrant color gradients that will make your performance stand out from the rest.

With their stylish aesthetic and impressive performance, SUMAJU Abstract Art Guitar Picks are the perfect addition to any set up!

What You Should Know

Discover the perfect addition to your acoustic or electric guitar with this amazing 20 pack of plectrums, featuring a versatile range of thicknesses to suit any playing style.

From thin and flexible 0.46mm picks that offer a light and articulate touch, to the medium 0.71mm or thick and robust 0.96mm picks that provide a powerful and commanding tone, this pack has you covered.

Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks
Dulphee Best Sounds 48PCS Guitar Picks

With a total of 60 superb quality plectrums, you'll have a plentiful supply for endless practice sessions and live performances.

Besides offering a traditional feel, these picks are wear-resistant, durable, and long-lasting, ensuring a consistently outstanding playing experience.

Enhance your guitar playing journey and elevate your sound with this incredible plectrum pack.

Dunlop Guitar Picks Variety Pack

Best For Flexibility

Dunlop Guitar Picks 

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Why We Love It

Dunlop's Guitar Pick Variety Pack has everything you need to get the perfect sound out of your acoustic guitar!

With a selection of picks that are designed to perfectly complement the tone and playability of acoustic instruments, this 12-pack is a must-have for any guitarist.

With different materials and gauges to choose from, you can find the pick that fits your sound and playing style — whether it’s for fingerpicking or strumming.

Dunlop Guitar Picks Variety Pack
Dunlop Guitar Picks Variety Pack

For artists looking for a truly unique sound, these craftily-designed picks make all the difference!

So give yourself that extra edge – explore Dunlop’s Guitar Pick Variety Pack today!

What You Should Know

Discover the exceptional quality and resonance found in our Made in USA pack, tailored explicitly for those looking to enhance their acoustic experience.

Expertly crafted from the warm spectrum of Nylon to the vibrant and lively characteristics of Ultex, each material within the pack contributes to refining and elevating your unplugged sound.

Dunlop Guitar Picks Variety Pack
Dunlop Guitar Picks Variety Pack

Similar to the Dunlop jazz iii these picks focus on optimal tone and playability, this American-made collection is specifically designed for acoustic instrument enthusiasts, offering them the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Embrace the rich, dynamic tones of our home-grown creations and allow your music to soar to entirely new heights.

Cheliz Unique Celluloid Guitar Picks

Best For Designs

Cheliz Unique Guitar Picks

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Why We Love It

Hey, guitarists! Ready to take your playing to the next level? Cheliz Unique Celluloid Guitar Picks is here to help.

This luxurious set of 12 picks has everything you need at an unbeatable price!

The premium bonus – a key chain leather pick holder – adds even more value to this amazing pack.

Cheliz Unique Celluloid Guitar Picks
Cheliz Unique Celluloid Guitar Picks

You'll love the feel of these guitar picks in your fingertips and how each one looks like it's straight out of an art museum.

And what could be better for the guitarist on the go than our specially designed metal click clack box that fits right into your pocket or guitar case?

Every style is available in many different colors, so you can try them all and find the perfect fit for your specific playing needs.

With Cheliz Guitar Picks, you are sure to bring your music game to a whole new level!

What You Should Know

Discover the perfect way to express "I love you" to kids, teens, girls, boys, men, women, guitarists, and musicians in your life with a simple yet meaningful gift - a medium gauge (0.71mm) thickness celluloid themed plectrum.

These high-quality guitar picks not only offer a fantastic natural feel and warm sound but also feature stunning designs, ensuring the recipient can cherish the sentiment behind the gift even when making beautiful music.

Cheliz Unique Celluloid Guitar Picks
Cheliz Unique Celluloid Guitar Picks

Plus, the high-quality printing process ensures that the image will remain intact, without fading or peeling away from the pick, no matter how often it is used.

This unique and creative gift option is sure to impress music enthusiasts of all ages and bring a smile to their faces while expressing your love in a simple yet memorable way.

Get Dialed in Instantly - Top Five Picks For Starting Guitarists FAQ Section

You want to start learning how to play the guitar, but don't know where to start.

There's a lot of information out there about beginner guitar picks, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

In this guide, we'll help you figure out what type of pick is best for your needs, and give you some tips on how to use them.

What sized guitar picks are best for beginners?

For beginners, the best size of guitar pick to use is a medium gauge (0.7 mm - 1.0 mm). 

Medium guitar picks are great for strumming chords and give you enough grip so that your fingers don’t slip from the pick and onto the strings, which can create unwanted noises.

 Thin guitar picks are the best option for guitarists looking for brighter tones.

How do I choose the right guitar pick?

When it comes to choosing the right guitar pick, the best way to find what's right for you is by getting a variety pack and testing out different materials (plastic, metal, wood) and thicknesses.

 Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference in terms of playing style and sound- so experiment until you find the one that fits you best.

Should a beginner guitar player use a pick?

Yes, a beginner guitar player should use a pick. While playing guitar with your fingers is possible for acoustic and bass guitar, it takes more time to learn and master compared to using a pick.

 A pick also gives you more control over the sound of each note when strumming chords or picking individual notes. Ultimately, it is certainly recommended that beginners start by using a pick.

Is there a difference between acoustic guitar picks and electric guitar picks?

For acoustic guitars, it's better to use a thicker pick for strumming. It will provide mellower/darker tones. 

The flexibility of thinner picks limits the maximum volume that can be achieved. This can be an advantage because it works like an analog limiter.

Should beginners use soft or hard picks?

Beginners should typically start with softer picks as they are easier to manage. The harder the pick, the more pressure and finesse is required to play it properly.

 Softer picks also allow for cleaner strumming which can be helpful when you are just starting out.

What picks do most guitarists use?

Most guitarists use medium-gauge picks, typically made from either nylon or celluloid. 

These picks are preferred for their balance between flexibility and rigidity, which makes them ideal for a wide range of playing styles. They also offer excellent grip, making them popular among both beginner and advanced players alike.

When should you throw away guitar picks?

You should throw away any guitar pick when it starts to feel slick or worn out.

 A slick pick is usually caused by the accumulation of oils from your fingers over time, and a worn out pick has lost its sharpness which can reduce precision in your playing.

 It’s best to change picks every couple of weeks for optimal performance.

What is the best angle to hold a guitar pick?

The best angle to hold a guitar pick when playing is to have the pick angled at 45 degrees.

 This will ensure that your fingers are placed correctly and that you can maintain proper control of the pick during play.

 Additionally, it provides more flexibility for strumming and picking different strings.

How long does it take to learn how to play guitar?

On average for a beginner guitarist, it takes about 300 hours of practice to learn the basic chords and feel comfortable playing the guitar. 

If you practice for two hours a day – every day – it will take five months to master the basics. If you practice for an hour every day, it will take you ten months.

Does guitar pick affect tone?

Yes, the material, thickness and hardness of your pick does have an effect on your sound.

 A thicker pick will provide a more assertive and percussive tone for single note runs while a thinner pick with smoother edges can give you a more fluid approach to playing chords or strumming.

Best Guitar Picks For Beginners

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