Longboarders, it’s time to get your ride up to speed!

The perfect set of longboard wheels can take your skills and enjoyment of the sport to new heights.

With this article, we're introducing you to the top-rated wheels out there - no matter what kind of rider you are or how experienced you are with longboarding, these products will help make sure you have an amazing experience each time.

Person holding a longboard by its axis.
Find Your Flow With These Top-Rated Longboard Wheels!

Imagine unlocking a whole new level of performance while racing down that hill or taking on some challenging terrain –these high-quality longboard wheels will help make it happen for you in no time!

And don't forget about style too - these awesome designs come in all kinds of colors so they'll look great on any type of board.

Read this article now and explore the best options out there for optimizing your ride today – upgrade and hit those curves faster than ever before!

How We Choose The Best Longboard Wheels

Buying the best longboard wheels can be challenging because there are so many options.

QualityQuickCheck does the hard work for you by analyzing thousands of customer reviews to help identify the best wheels for your unique needs.

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How We Choose The Best Longboard Wheels

Save time and worry with QualityQuickCheck - We'll give you our recommendations for the best longboard wheels guaranteed!

Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels

Best For Cruising

Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels

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Why We Love It

Take the exhilarating performance of longboarding to a whole new level with Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels!

Whether you’re bombing hills or cruising around town, these wheels will provide the perfect combination of speed, grip, and control.

With their 80A Super High Rebound (SHR) hardness and offset core design for extra grip, they will easily handle high-speed turns and corners without losing their feel.

Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels
Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels

Get ready for an explosive ride like never before - take your longboarding skills up a notch with Bigfoot Mountain Cruisers!

Perfect for the longboard enthusiast looking for extraordinary performance in all conditions.

Try them now and elevate your ride!

What You Should Know

For riders seeking a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled ride, the Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels are a top choice.

Measuring 76mm x 53mm with an 80A SHR hardness, these wheels are on the larger end of the spectrum, providing a smoother ride and greater control.

Designed with slalom and downhill riders in mind, these wheels for cruising allow for easy maintenance of top speeds, making it an ideal choice for thrill-seekers.

Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels
Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels

What's more, Bigfoot offers a variety of colorways for each model of the wheel, allowing riders to personalize their board without having to sacrifice on size and hardness.

Give yourself an edge on the competition with Bigfoot Mountain Cruiser Longboard Wheels.

Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels

Best For Quality

Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels

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Why We Love It

So you're looking for a longboard wheel to explore the world?

You need to have a closer look at the Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboarding Cruising Wheels!

The triangular geometry offers not just unsurpassed performance in all terrains, but also in unique style.

Aside from being an awesome longboard wheel, the Shark Wheel has several distinct advantages over traditional wheels.

That's right - go cruising down backroads, take hard curves, or skate at the park without worry of friction!

Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels
Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels

Thanks to the design of the wheel, 57% less friction is present when in motion.

And let's not forget that due to its shape, it's able to push small objects left and right out of your way as you ride.

No more steamroller-like interference - it's smooth sailing all the way.

At Shark Wheel, we take our customers seriously and this is just another way to show it - with superior quality products at affordable prices.

Get your Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboarding Cruising Wheels today and explore the world!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a smooth and speedy riding experience, Shark Wheels has you covered with their 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels.

Their unique 30-degree approach angle reduces shock by striking objects at an angle, similar to driving a car over a speed bump.

Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels
Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Longboard Cruising Wheels

This means a smoother ride thanks to its sine wave approach angle.

Unlike many other longboard companies, Shark Wheels sources the best high-rebound polyurethane in the world, all of which are made in California.

Combined with their innovative approach angle, these wheels provide extra speed, range, and comfort for your cruising adventures.

FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Best For Budget

FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels

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Why We Love It

Freedare has designed the ultimate longboard cruiser wheels!

Built with strong and reliable quality, these wheels are sure to last.

The durable 83A PU material helps them to slide smoothly and quietly without any disruption.

Not only that, but they also feature a grippy edge, which offers increased balance when going downhill.

Aside from being incredibly smooth and dependable, the FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels are perfect for tricks!

FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels
FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Their white cores wrap around high-grade urethane, allowing riders to cruise the streets in style.

They may not light up, but they definitely shine brightly among other longboarding wheels.

With these incredible features all combined into one wheel, no rider should leave the skatepark disappointed!

Get ready to show off your skills with the FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels -you won't regret it!

What You Should Know

If you're new to skateboarding, longboarding, or cruising, you'll want a pair of FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels.

These 60mm wheels are made of 83A polyurethane material, making them durable and long-lasting.

Their size, 60mm in diameter and 45mm in width, is perfect for beginners looking to practice on any ground, ramps, sidewalks, smooth concrete or asphalt.

The bearings, which measure 22mm by 8mm, have also been carefully installed on the wheels to ensure a smooth riding experience.

FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels
FREEDARE Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Not only are these wheels high-performing, but we also offer them at a great price.

Plus, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we provide a 30-day return on all complete wheels.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service possible, and we appreciate your business.

Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels

Best For Everyday Use

Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels

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Why We Love It

Are you looking for an incredible ride, top of the line performance and a longlasting product all in one?

You've got to see the Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels!

These amazing wheels have been designed specifically for longboards, skateboards and cruisers with 60mm of USA made ‘B-Type’ Formula, providing you with comfortable, yet powerful gliding experience.

Thanks to our innovative SlidePrepped (TM) technology they break in the wheels progressively allowing you to dump thane effortlessly and get consistent slide every time.

Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels
Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels

You'll never again worry about hitting rocks, cracks or debris on your way because with our softer 81a Urethane, it will glide smoothly and quickly no matter what bumps might be present on your journey.

Dance around freely or freeride to your heart's content without any restrictions.

Whether its cruising over a smooth paveway or into a fun adventure these Fireball Wheels won't let you down.

Stop waiting and catch your fireball into whatever direction your freedom takes you!

What You Should Know

For longboard enthusiasts looking for a reliable set of wheels, Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels are a great option.

These wheels come in a set of four with a 60mm diameter, 40mm width, and a durometer of 81a, making them perfect for cruising or freeriding.

Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels
Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels

The Centerset urethane fiberglass core also adds an extra layer of strength, ensuring maximum durability and predictable slides from beginning to end.

For those who prefer different sizes, 65mm and 70mm wheels are also available.

Check out our storefront for more information on these longboard wheels and other wheels or gear to complete your setup.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Best For Versatility

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

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Why We Love It

If you're a longboarder looking to take your rides off the beaten path, then the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are just what you need!

Whether you want to conquer sidewalks or hard packed dirt, these wheels will add plenty of off-road capabilities to your setup and never back down from any challenge.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels
MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

With its unique design that allows you to even ride on short grass and pavement, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are an essential addition for any long boarder's quiver!

So get ready to hit some fresh terrain with the confidence that these wheels will provide.

What You Should Know

If you're looking for wheels that can handle any terrain, look no further than MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels.

These 100mm x 65mm wheels are cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane, which means they're not only durable, but also incredibly fast.

Whether you're cruising down city streets or hitting up rough mountain paths, these wheels are up to the challenge.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels
MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

What's more, their large size means they're perfect for maintaining speed and control over any obstacles you may encounter.

So why limit yourself to one type of terrain?

With MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels, the sky's the limit for your next adventure!

The Best Longboard Wheels FAQ Section!

Are longboard wheels important for performance?

If you want a good ride, you need to make sure that your longboard is equipped with the right set of wheels.

Poorly made or low-quality wheels can negatively impact your overall experience.

Our FAQ Section is here to help!
Our FAQ Section is here to help!

Don’t worry about getting stuck with bad wheels— rest assured knowing you will find all the information and answers to your questions in our longboard wheel FAQ section!

Learn everything there is to know about longboard wheels so that you get the best and most smooth ride possible.

What size wheels should I get for my longboard?

Generally, longboards use wheels 72mm or larger. 

The larger the wheel size, the faster and smoother your ride will be, but it may sacrifice some maneuverability. 

Ultimately, finding a balance between speed and control is key! 

Larger wheels will typically give you an advantage compared to smaller wheels.

What durometer (hardness) should my longboard wheels be?

The ideal durometer for most longboard wheels depends on the terrain you want to ride. 

Generally, softer wheels ranging from 75a-80a are best for smooth surfaces such as a skatepark or a street spot. 

Wheels with harder durometers between 81a-85a are better suited for rocky and rough terrain.

What shape should my longboard wheels be?

The shape of your longboard wheel will depend on the type of riding you plan to do. 

For cruising, a larger and softer wheel is more suitable as it offers a smoother ride. 

If you're looking to take sharp turns then narrower and harder wheels are preferred. 

Ultimately, your choice should be based on personal preference and the kind of surface you plan to ride on.

What is the difference between cruiser and downhill longboard wheels?

Cruiser and downhill longboard wheels differ in the sizes, shapes, hardness, rebound and overall functionality. 

Cruisers are generally bigger wheels (usually around 70mm) and softer in durometer than downhills (which range from 65mm-72 mm). 

They also have round lip wheels to provide loads of grip for cornering. 

Downhill wheels tend to be thinner with square lips for more stability at high speeds.

Can I mix and match different brands of longboard wheels?

Yes, you can mix and match different brands of longboard wheels.

However, it is important to note that the size of your wheels must be consistent.

Also, you should consider the hardness and grip characteristics of the wheel when picking out a combination as it affects how your board performs.

How do I clean my longboard wheels?

To clean your longboard wheels, you should first use a damp cloth and wipe away any excess dirt. 

Next, mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and water in a small container and dip an old toothbrush into the mixture. 

Use the toothbrush to clean each wheel individually, making sure to get into all of the grooves. 

Once finished, let air dry before using your board again.

How often should I replace my longboard wheels?

The frequency of changing your longboard wheels should depend on the type of surface they are rolling on and how often you skate. 

Generally, if you skate frequently, then it is recommended that you replace your wheels at least once a year or every 200-250 miles (320-400 km).

Should I get longboard wheels with a center-set or offset core?

Generally, center-set wheels are best for sliding and carving, while offset wheel cores are better for downhill racing and fast speed.

The choice really depends on what type of activity you’ll be doing most with your longboard - if you plan to do a lot of sliding and carving, then center-set is the way to go; however if you’re looking for fast speeds and races, an offset core would be more suitable.

What are the highest-ranking longboard wheels?

The top-ranking longboard wheels are Orangatang Wheels, Cloud Ride, Shark Wheels, and MBS All Terrain.

Orangatang wheels feature a variety of sizes and shapes, including Nipplez (70mm), Stimulus (75mm), Durian (80mm), and Kilmer (83mm).

What is the difference between rounded and square-edged longboard wheels?

Round-edged longboard wheels are designed with a rounded lip, which increases the contact patch of the wheel on the ground.

This makes them more stable and gives them better grip in turns.

Square-edged wheels have a square edge that helps give the slide wheels have more control when doing tricks and slides.

However, they are less stable than round edges so they require more precise foot placement.

Can I use skateboard wheels on my longboard?

No, it is not recommended to use skateboard wheels on a longboard.

Longboards come with their own specialized wheel sizes and shapes that are designed for the type of board and the riding style that it was created for.

Using skateboard wheels may cause added stress on certain areas of your longboard, making them unstable or less efficient.

The Best Longboard Wheels For You!

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