Looking for a new case to show off your PC build?

Any one of these White PC cases are sure to turn heads.

They offer great features and performance, plus they look stylish and elegant.

What’s not to love?

With their sleek design, these White PC cases will add sophistication and elegance to your setup.

You won’t find anything like them on the market today. So, why not give them a try today?

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How We Choose The Best White PC Cases

Shopping for products can be overwhelming. With so many products to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

It can be tough to figure out which product is the best, especially when there are so many options.

Inside of a PC.
How We Choose The Best White PC Cases

You might end up picking a product that's not the best for you or your family.

QualityQuickCheck is here to help. We read through verified customer reviews to find the best products in any category.

Whether you're looking for a new gaming laptop or the perfect dog food, we've got you covered.

Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case

Best for quality

Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case! When it comes to creating a unique, high-performance PC, this case has it all.

From its stylish tempered glass panels and customizable RGB lighting to innovative cable management and concentrated airflow, this case is sure to be the focal point of any setup.

The tempered glass side and front panels show off the components in your system for an impressive presentation.

With dedicated front ventilation channels for ample airflow, you won't have to worry about sacrificing performance for style.

Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case
Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case

The included iCUE Lighting Node CORE and Corsair's iCUE software allow you to take control of your RGB lighting setup; with up to 6 fans fully controlled and synchronized, you can set the perfect ambiance.

So, level up your gaming rig today with the Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case!

With an amazing balance of form and function that truly lets your system shine, make it yours now!

What You Should Know

The Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case is a great option for an immaculate, professional-looking system.

The RapidRoute cable management system makes the experience of managing major cables incredibly simple and quick with a single channel providing 25mm of space behind the motherboard for all your cables.

Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case
Corsair iCUE Mid-Tower ATX White PC Case

The case also comes with three Corsair 120mm AirGuide RGB fans with anti-vortex vanes to concentrate airflow and enhance cooling power supply.

These fans have eight individually addressable RGB LED lights that provide brilliant customizable lighting, so you can quickly build a sophisticated gaming setup.

LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case

Best for Value

LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case

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Why We Love It

Introducing the LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case, your perfect match for gaming on a whole new level!

It has an upgraded mesh front panel allowing for greater air ventilation and dust free with magnetic dust filters on the top and bottom.

Plus, it comes with a USB Type-C port included, making it even more convenient to connect.

The tempered glass side panel provides a great view of all your RGB components that will undoubtedly make your gaming experience more enjoyable than ever before.

LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case
LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case

Not just that but its steel front panel/main structure supports ATX, Micro ATX-Mini ITX motherboards too, giving you plenty of room.

If that doesn't sound impressive enough then wait till you hear this – the PC case also offers professional cable management with extra space behind the motherboard tray for hidden cable organization.

So come on over, pick your new LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case today and let's get ready to enter into the world of gaming like never before!

What You Should Know

LIAN LI's high airflow ATX PC Case is a mid-tower chassis specifically designed for ease of installation.

This model features removable SSD mounting brackets and swappable top fan brackets and bottom side panel PSU and HDD bays, allowing users to quickly make changes with no more pain.

LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case
LIAN LI High Airflow ATX PC Case

In addition, this computer case includes 3 ARGB LED Lighting PWM Fans - 2x140mm front fans and 1x120mm rear fan, for users to enjoy 7 colors and 7 lighting modes that are easily controlled by the C/M button located on the top of the case.

And if you're looking to sync your lighting to the motherboard, LIAN L1’s 8th Mode has you covered.

NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

Best for most fan slots

NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

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Why We Love It

The NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case is the perfect choice for gamers, techies, and hobbyists looking for a case that cools efficiently and looks good doing it.

This sleek and stylish case offers serious performance with its perforated top and front panels that deliver a steady stream of filtered air to your components, providing them with much-needed cooling without sacrificing their lifespan.

NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case
NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

An angled 120mm fan draws in additional power-boosting air from below the case.

Plus, our wide cable channels come outfitted with hooks, straps, and bridges so you can tidy up everything right away - no seriously long setup time needed!

The NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case is designed with convenience in mind while still delivering plenty of cool power.

Get ready to jump into gaming and more with this dream machine!

What You Should Know

The NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case is an ideal choice for those looking to build their own gaming PC.

This case comes with many features designed to showcase your gaming rig including support for up to a 280mm radiator in the front, 240mm up top, and 120mm in the rear.

NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case
NZXT H5 Flow Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

It also comes with two pre-installed 120mm fans and offers enough room to fit most NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards with its 365mm max GPU clearance.

Plus, gamers have the option of vertically displaying their GPU using NZXT's Vertical GPU Mounting Kit (sold separately)

GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case White Gaming PC Case

Best for tempered glass design

GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case White Gaming PC Case

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Why We Love It

Tired of PCs that don't have enough light and airflow? Look no further than the GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case.

This stylish white gaming PC case is designed to provide excellent lighting and optimal airflow while keeping your system cool.

With enough room for 10pcs 120mm and GIM ARGB fans, you'll get a vibrant look as well as great cooling performance!

The GIM PC Case also has plenty of space for all your components and is compatible with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards.

GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case White Gaming PC Case
GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case White Gaming PC Case

Its two 4mm-thick tempered glass full-view side panels will keep your components secure and looking awesome inside.

Plus due to the wide internal space behind the motherboard tray for hidden cable management, it's super easy to install everything too!

And let's not forget about its two dust filters (one at the top magnetic strip) which helps protect your interior from dust build up over time.

So, if you're looking for a reliable gaming PC case that looks great, has plenty of space, and provides exceptional airflow -Check out the GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case today!

What You Should Know

GIM’s ATX Mid-Tower White Gaming PC Case, has a flexible configuration of cooling systems that supports three designated areas for the placement of water coolers with radiators ranging from 360 to 120 mm.

Plus, the GIM gaming case also offers one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, one HD Audio port, LED Button, Power Button, and Reset Button - all the modern features today's gamers need!

GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case White Gaming PC Case
GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case White Gaming PC Case

Connecting to your devices or peripherals is made easier too with GIM’s shielded wire USB cable - you can transmit data with zero interference.

GIM strives to serve as many gamers as possible by providing quality products and excellent customer service.

If at any time you face a quality issue with your GIM case, do not hesitate to contact us right away!

Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case

Best for affordability

Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case

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Why We Love It

Let the cool colors shine with the Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case!

This sleek and unique case has multiple features that make it stand out from the rest.

With three preinstalled Hydraulic Bearing 120mm ARGB Lite Front Fans, you'll be able to get creative and customize your case with all sorts of amazing lighting effects.

Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case
Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case

The tempered glass panel also offers a glimpse into the interior of your machine giving you an eye-catching look.

Plus, you can sync your motherboard RGB software for even cooler lighting forms.

But that's not all; the top panel hosts two USB 3 ports and a reset button making access to settings easy and efficient.

Keep cool while standing out with the Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case.

What You Should Know

Thermaltake's S200 mid-tower Snow ATX PC case offers a stylish and lightweight solution with wide compatibility for computer builds.

At just under 5 pounds, this case is constructed with a durable mesh front panel designed to provide supreme ventilation, while the built-in PSU cover ensures that all cables and connections are hidden away.

Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case
Thermaltake S200 Mid-Tower Snow ATX PC Case

Additionally, this design utilizes Thermaltake's air cooling method to provide safe temperatures for your components without taking up any unnecessary space.

In conclusion, Thermaltake's S200 mid-tower Snow ATX PC has great features that make it a great choice for those looking for an efficient and streamlined way to build a powerful computer.

White PC Case FAQ section

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a PC case.

This can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are not familiar with the different types of cases available on the market.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section will help to simplify the process by answering some of the most common questions that people have about white PC cases and PC cases in general.

Do white PC cases turn yellow?

Yes, white PC cases can turn slightly yellow over long periods of time if they are not taken care of properly, though this is not usually an issue.

This is largely due to a process known as ‘degradation’, which occurs when the polymers and other compounds of the plastic used in PC cases break down and discolor.

The rate at which this happens depends on a variety of factors including environmental conditions such as light exposure, temperature fluctuations, humidity levels and pollutants like dust or smoke.

However, there are ways you can minimize this effect - keep away from direct sunlight; avoid sudden temperature shocks by not leaving too close to heating/cooling vents etc.- all will go towards keeping your white casing pristine!

Do white PC cases get dirty?

Yes, white PC cases can get dirty. The most common causes of dirt and grime on a white PC case are dust and fingerprints.

Over time, the accumulation of dust particles can make a white PC case appear dingy or discolored.

Additionally, the oils from our hands that come into contact with the casing surfaces can cause permanent staining or discoloration.

To keep your white PC looking clean and new for as long as possible, it is important to regularly wipe down the outside of your case (including all vents), use a microfiber cloth to buff out any fingerprints or smudges, and consider investing in an air filter to prevent dust buildup inside your rig.

Is a black or white PC case better?

Both black and white PC cases offer unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the individual user's needs.

Black PC cases are generally more widely available and look good in almost any setting.

On the other hand, white PC cases offer a modern look that stands out from the pack.

They're sleek and eye-catching, creating a sense of minimalism that can help create a “clean” look when paired with components like RGB lighting or clear side panels.

Ultimately which case you choose will depend on your own personal needs - but either way you'll have an aesthetically pleasing computer setup!

Is it OK to paint your PC case?

Absolutely - painting your PC case is a great way to give it a unique and customized look.

Painting has become an increasingly popular option for PC builders looking to add some personal flair to their machine, and there are many resources online that can help you through the process.

Just be sure to research carefully before beginning so you know what potential risks are associated with painting your PC case - it's important to protect any internal parts from being harmed by the spray paint or fumes!

Does RGB look better in a black or white case?

The choice between a black and white case for an RGB-lit computer is largely a matter of personal preference.

Black cases provide the best contrast against bright LEDs, making colors appear brighter and more vibrant.

White cases often create a 'glow' effect where light bounces off surfaces and reflects back onto LEDs, providing an almost ethereal atmosphere.

Ultimately it comes down to what kind of aesthetic you prefer in your setup - dark or light?

Are black PC cases more popular than white ones?

While black cases are the more popular color choice for PC gaming enthusiasts, white PC cases also have their own advantages.

Black is usually associated with a more modern and stylish look which attracts gamers who want to show off their rigs.

On the other hand, white offers a nice contrast against bright RGB lighting and themed builds that can make any set up shine.

Additionally, due to its brighter hue and better reflecting properties it may be helpful in keeping temperatures down inside your components as it can easily dissipate heat faster than darker colors like black.

Ultimately, there is no "better" option when it comes to case color - whether you go with black or white depends on personal preference and budget!

Are white PC cases more expensive?

White PC cases are usually no more expensive than those of other colors. The cost difference is usually due to the amount of effort necessary to produce them.

Additionally, it's possible that some manufacturers view white cases as higher-end items and price them accordingly, but this does not necessarily mean that all white PC cases cost significantly more than other colored ones.

Ultimately, price differences between different-colored computer cases depend on individual product models and their respective features.

What's the difference between a full tower pc case and a mid tower?

A full tower PC case is the largest size of computer case.

It is designed to accommodate large motherboards (EATX, EEB & XL-ATX) and high-end components, such as multiple hard drives, additional optical drives, and extra cards like video cards and sound cards.

A mid tower PC case is the intermediate size between a full tower case and smaller Micro ATX/Mini ITX systems.

This size offers a great balance between portability, expandability, cost efficiency and storage capacity compared to other sizes of desktop cases.

Why do people like NZXT cases?

People love NZXT cases because they are known for being well-made, attractive, and highly functional.

Their smooth curves, modern look, and panoramic designs make them stand out from the crowd of other PC cases.

Furthermore, they offer plenty of features that allow users to customize their PCs based on personal preferences such as ample cable management options, water cooling support, and toolless drive bays for easy installation and removal of pc components.

Additionally, NZXT's strict quality control ensures that all their products are reliable and durable.

As a result, many people have turned to them as the go-to case brand for a high-quality gaming experience without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

How many fans should a PC have?

The number of fans you should have for your PC will depend on several factors, such as the size and power of your system, the type of cooling system used, and how heavily it will be used.

Generally speaking, if you are building a gaming or performance-oriented system with an oversized case then it is recommended to go with at least 3-4 fans in a push/pull configuration.

This setup allows air to be pulled in at the front of the case while the exhaust is pushed out through either side or left/right panel vents.

If your PC has liquid cooling systems like AIOs (all-in-one) then generally only one or two fans is needed as they rely more heavily on radiators than traditional air coolers unless additional components require more airflow.

The Best White PC Cases For you

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