Have you been wanting to take your violin playing to the next level?

An electric violin can help you do just that, providing precise sound and convenience not found with traditional instruments.

We've reviewed some of the best electric violins on the market, so you don't have to waste time looking for what's right for you.

With an electric violin, amazing sound is combined with possibilities like recording and performing at a louder volume that cannot be achieved otherwise.

Finally get the quality tone and versatility needed to help elevate your playing!

Check out our reviews now and find an electric violin suited precisely for your needs!

How We Choose The Best Electric Violin

It’s hard to know what products are worth buying from online stores.

Many customer reviews are unreliable, and it can take hours or days of research to find the most reliable and trusted items on the market.

QualityQuickCheck is here to help you save time!

With our review analysis platform, you can easily find the highest quality items that real customers have recommended with just a few clicks.

Shop confidently knowing that you're getting only the best!

Pyle Full Size Electric Violin

Best For Value

Pyle Full Size Electric Violin 

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Why We Love It

If you're a passionate violinist looking for an instrument that will seamlessly transition between traditional beauty and modern technology, then the Pyle Full Size Electric Violin is exactly what you need!

With its classic design made of European maple and its sunburst finish, this 4/4 looks beautiful in any setting.

Plus, it features ebony fingerboard parts and a carbon fiber tailpiece to give your music the high quality performance you expect.

But what truly sets this electric fiddle apart are its adjustable knobs that let you control the tone and volume while playing.

Pyle Full Size Electric Violin
Pyle Full Size Electric Violin

This means that whether you wish to practice with complete silence or connect this violin to an amp for a loud performance, it's easy to do so.

It also contains linden wood for enhanced acoustic feel and better sound production when unplugged.

If you're looking for unmatched perfection from an instrument, then the Pyle Full Size Electric Violin is sure to exceed your expectations.

Step up your game with this outstanding violin today!

What You Should Know

The Pyle Full Size Electric Violin is the ideal choice for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

This silent electric violin features premium accessories, such as a student rosin and bridge, 1 string adjuster, a foamed triangle hard case, a brazilwood bow, and an ebony frog.

It also comes with a 10W All Black Amplifier with a 5” Speaker that delivers an enhanced sound outcome.

Pyle Full Size Electric Violin
Pyle Full Size Electric Violin

The amplifier is specially designed to ensure that players can enjoy an exceptional sound experience.

Additionally, this electric violin is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport to music classes, concerts, or gigs.

The kit also includes headphones, which enhance the user’s listening experience.

Vangoa Electric Violin

Best For Lightweight

Vangoa Electric Violin

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Why We Love It

The Vangoa Silent Electric Violin is the perfect instrument for any musician looking to up their game!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, this violin will help you get the most out of your practice session.

With its beautiful black metallic varnished body made out of solid maple wood, this electric violin produces a crisp and resonant sound that will have you and all your family members singing in harmony.

Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and less likely to make your arms tired after an extended practice session.

Vangoa Electric Violin
Vangoa Electric Violin

For those with smaller spaces, worry not – this instrument also comes with headphones so you can enjoy immersive musical moments without disturbing others.

And if you're ever feeling ready to show off on stage or at a party, just connect the electric violin to an amp and play louder.

The selected ebony fretboard ensures smooth playing while the pegs, chin rest and head rest are built for long-term durability, making it ideal for students, kids and teens alike no matter their skill level.

What are you waiting for?

Grab yourself a Vangoa Silent Electric Violin today and let your inner virtuoso shine!

What You Should Know

For violin players of all levels, the Vangoa Electric Violin is an excellent choice for producing rich, powerful sounds.

The carbon fiber tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners enables precise tuning, while the durable steel strings add depth and resonance to the music.

The Brazilwood bow with unbleached natural horsehair pulls out the best-balanced sound for an incredible performance experience.

Vangoa Electric Violin
Vangoa Electric Violin

The package includes a hard case, extra strings, rosin, and headphones, making it a cost-effective and time-saving purchase.

Moreover, Vangoa is offering a 1-year warranty, proving that they stand behind their product and are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and sincere service.

Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin

Best For Quality

Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin

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Why We Love It

Are you ready to take your performance and sound to the next level?

At Kennedy Violins, we have exactly what you need — the Bunnel Edge Electric Violin.

This 4/4 full-size electric violin produces a rich, warm and clear tone that your audiences are sure to love.

Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from huge amplification using this impeccably crafted instrument from the leading experts of Bunnel.

Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin
Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin

And don’t forget, your purchase includes a great accessories package — perfect for helping you get the most out of this amazing electric violin.

With some of the best customer service in town, purchasing with Kennedy Violins is always a pleasure!

So don’t wait around any longer and electrify your performances today with a Bunnel Edge Electric Violin.

With its amazing tone and playability, this will quickly become your trusted companion!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for an electric violin that's not only visually stunning but also produces quality sound, then the Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin might be just what you're looking for.

This violin is handcrafted with a solid maple body and features 100% ebony fittings that give it a sophisticated look.

One stand-out feature of this electric violin is the control sliders on its face, which make it easy to adjust the tone and volume while performing.

Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin
Kennedy Bunnel Edge Electric Violin

The electric violin also has a piezo ceramic pickup powered by a 9-volt battery and features both a 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch output jack for an amp or headphones.

To top it off, the outfit comes with a range of high-quality accessories recommended by professional players, including a Portland oblong carrying case, Bunnel Mini Amplifier, Antonio Giuliani Brazilwood bow with real horsehair, Giuliani rosin, and over-ear headphones.

AW Electric Violin Set

Best For Budget

AW Electric Violin Set

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Why We Love It

Introducing the AW Electric Violin Set! Whether you're practicing, recording, or hitting the stage, this incredible audio tool will help you achieve your goals.

This 4/4 Right Hand Electric Violin is designed with convenience and creativity in mind with features like a headphone connection for more private practice time and aux cable to connect most guitar amps or PA systems for performance-ready amplification.

It also has control knobs on the face of violin so you can quickly adjust settings like tone and volume during a performance, giving you the freedom to choose whatever ambience sound suits your playing best.

AW Electric Violin Set
AW Electric Violin Set

Not only is this set incredibly functional, but it has a stylish hollow body design with smooth, rounded corners that makes it lightweight and portable.

Plus the pearl finish gives it a fantastic shine that'll make any performance unforgettable.

Not only will you be getting a very affordable electric violin, your getting a new companion!  

Check out the AW Electric Violin Set today and see what amazing musical opportunities await!

What You Should Know

The AW Electric Violin Set is designed for stable holding and producing a full rich tone.

The solid wood hand-carved bow and 100% natural horsetail hair strings offer greater elasticity and strength, resulting in a high-quality sound.

To increase friction between the bow hair and strings, the set comes with rosin.

AW Electric Violin Set
AW Electric Violin Set

In addition to the violin, the set includes various accessories to make playing hassle-free, such as a headphone, aux cable, shoulder rest, violin tuner, spare strings, and a violin case.

The easy-carrying violin case has designated large slots to secure the instrument and bow safely without sliding around, and a soft velvet-like protective lining to prevent scratching and dirt.

Overall, the AW Electric Violin Set is the perfect choice for musicians looking for a high-quality and convenient electric violin set.

Kinglos Colored Electric Violin

Best For Style

Kinglos Colored Electric Violin

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Why We Love It

Greetings, fellow violinists!

It’s time to add some style and personality to your playing by picking up a Kinglos electric violin.

Our violins stand out from the crowd due to our patented coloring technology.

You'll be able to make your instrument truly yours since the precise networks of pigment and wood are perfectly located and docked with each violin we make.

Kinglos Colored Electric Violin
Kinglos Colored Electric Violin

You won't have to worry about sound quality either - our violins are crafted with the same care you'd expect from traditional instruments.

Each one is made using only quality materials like ebony fingerboards, pegs, and chin rests that are fitted into a hand-carved solid spruce body.

Plus, four detachable fine tuners accompany the carbon fiber tailpiece to give you maximum control over your instrument's sound.

In addition, our latest painting technology preserves both resonance and tone as it gives you an artistic yet personalized look for your music-making.

Pick up a Kinglos electric violin today to show off your style as you wow audiences with exquisite music!

What You Should Know

The Kinglos Colored Electric Violin is a top-quality instrument that is ideal for performances, practice, and recording.

With the VPU-300 active pick-up system, this violin produces high-quality sound.

Kinglos Colored Electric Violin
Kinglos Colored Electric Violin

The tuners of volume and tone, and sockets of line out, mic, and phone, on-off switch, ensure that the user can control the sound to their liking.

Additionally, the violin is powered by a 9V alkaline battery which is easy to replace, making it very convenient.

Furthermore, this violin outfit comes with a plethora of accessories including a case, bow, aux cable, shoulder rest, extra bridge, and a set of strings, so you can enjoy playing and protecting your instrument right from the start.

The Best Electric Violin FAQ Section!

People often have questions about products and services before making a purchase.

With our FAQ section, we’ve got your back!

Get all of your product-related questions answered quickly and easily in one convenient place.

Save time and money with our customer-friendly FAQ Section!

Is an electric violin better than a classical violin?

The answer to this question really depends on your own personal preferences and needs. 

On one hand, electric violins offer convenience and volume control for a wide array of sounds that are not possible with a classical violin. 

On the other, traditional violins are capable of producing a much wider dynamic range, capturing more nuanced sounds in greater detail. 

Ultimately it all comes down to what you prioritize more - versatility or precision?

Do electric violins produce a different sound than acoustic violins?

Yes, electric violins typically produce a richer, fuller sound compared to traditional acoustic violins.

Electric violins have the ability to generate additional notes, such as vibrato or harmonics that often don’t come out of a traditional violin at all.

Moreover, the sound from an electric violin can be altered with the help of an amplifier and various effects pedals, which allows for more creativity during performance.

An acoustic electric violin is a mix of both electric and acoustic violins.

Acoustic electric violins can play acoustic as well as other genres such as rock, and experimental music.

What is the best material for electric violins?

The best material for an electric violin depends on the individual player's needs, but generally, a combination of maple wood and carbon fiber is often seen as the most ideal choice. 

Wood violins provide excellent sound quality, while the carbon-fiber composite allows the instrument to be light in weight and durable. 

Different woods such as spruce can also produce good sound quality depending on what type of tone you're looking for.

How do I choose the right electric violin for my music style?

Choosing the right electric violin for your music style is all about finding one that complements your sound and allows you to express yourself freely.

The key factors to consider include the type of tone you're looking for, the type of pickups installed, the overall body shape of the instrument and its tuning capabilities.

Can I use any violin bow with an electric violin?

Yes, you can use any violin bow with an electric violin. 

However, it is important to note that solid body electric violins create different sounds than acoustic violins and thus require a different playing style and instrument setup than acoustic bows can provide.

What accessories do I need to play an electric violin?

Before playing the electric violin, you need to have a few essential accessories. 

These include an amp, cord, shoulder pad/strap for standing performance, a music stand for sheet music and instruction books, bow rosin to make the strings vibrate more efficiently, spare strings if needed and tuning device such as a tuner or pitch pipe.

How do I care for my electric violin?

Care for your electric violin just like you would any other stringed instrument - keep it clean, store it in a temperature-controlled environment, and tune it regularly. 

For cleaning, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the strings, bridge, and fingerboard after each playing session. 

Use a mild soap or light detergent if needed. 

Avoid using too much liquid or abrasive cleaners which can damage the instrument's finish.

Is it more expensive to purchase an electric violin compared to an acoustic violin?

Generally speaking, electric violins are more expensive than acoustic violins. 

When considering the price of both types of instruments, it is important to recognize that electric violins typically come with a range of features that an acoustic instrument does not have. 

These features include pickups, amplifiers and effects pedals which can increase the cost significantly.

Do I need an amplifier to play an electric violin?

Yes, an amplifier is necessary to play an electric violin. 

Electric violins use magnetic pickups to convert the vibrations of the strings into electrical signals that must be amplified in order to produce sound. 

Without an amp, even with headphones, you will not hear any sound coming from your electric violin.

Can I play an electric violin without plugging it in?

Unfortunately, an electric violin is not like an acoustic violin and needs to be plugged in to amplify the sound. 

Without plugging it into a power source, you won't be able to hear anything which makes playing without an amplifier impossible. 

You can still practice with the instrument but it won't produce any sound unless connected to a power source.

Can I still play classical music on an electric violin?


An electric violin is a great option for those looking to play classical music. 

Electric violins have the same four strings as an acoustic violin but powered with electronics to create a fuller, richer sound. 

While electric violins are often used in genres such as Rock, Pop, and Jazz, they can also be just as effective when playing classical pieces.

What are silent violins?

A silent violin is a solid-body electric violin with built-in headphone amplification. 

It combines the sound of traditional violins with modern technology that allows players to practice without making any noise. 

Silent Violins can be used to perform live, allowing players the freedom to make their own unique sounds without disturbing others around them.

Can you play electric guitars like an electric violin?

No, electric guitars and electric violins are different instruments that can't be used interchangeably. 

An electric guitar is a type of stringed instrument with six steel strings usually tuned in intervals of perfect fourths. 

It typically has pickups which convert the sound it produces into an electrical signal. 

On the other hand, an electric violin is a modern version of the traditional acoustic violin with electronics built-in that allows for amplification.

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