Are you looking for a new pair of drumsticks?

There are many different types and sizes of sticks available, so it can be difficult to decide which ones are best for you.

In this article, we will discuss the top drumsticks for electronic drums.

We will also provide a buyer's guide to help you choose the right pair of sticks for your needs.

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How We Choose The Best Drum Sticks For Electric Drums

With all of the brands and products available on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money.

QualityQuickCheck is here to help.

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How We Choose The Best Drum Sticks For Electric Drums

We read hundreds of verified customer reviews so you don't have to and compare brands to find the best on the market so you can make an informed decision about what to buy.

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 2 pairs with ANTI-SLIP Handles

Best for nylon design

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 2 pairs with ANTI-SLIP Handles

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Why We Love It

Hey there, drummers and percussionists! Looking for that perfect pair of sticks to keep your beats rocking?

Check out Ubblove's Nylon Drumsticks with Anti-Slip Handles—the perfect combination of style, quality, and performance!

What sets these drumsticks apart from the rest?

Let’s start with the handle.

It’s designed with power grips that give you extra grip during those long, heated jam sessions and are even effective when your hands get sweaty.

Keep playing without worrying about the slippage between the stick and your hand!

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 2 pairs with ANTI-SLIP Handles
Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 2 pairs with ANTI-SLIP Handles

On top of that good news, they come in two cool colors—red and black—so you can accessorize them tastefully.

These drumsticks are made of high-quality nylon material that is both durable and soft to use—so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a great sound.

Plus, the head of the stick features a special bubble shape, so you won't miss a beat—literally!

Our sticks look as good as they sound while providing excellent results every time you pick them up!

Ready to level up your rhythm game? Get your pair of Nylon Drumsticks with Anti-Slip Handles today!

What You Should Know

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks offer tremendous value in the world of drum accessories.

Specifically designed to be lightweight and a suitable size for beginners, particularly kids, they are sure to captivate the interests of aspiring percussionists.

Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 2 pairs with ANTI-SLIP Handles
Ubblove Nylon Drumsticks 2 pairs with ANTI-SLIP Handles

These sticks also come in several attractive colors - red, black, or two other packs with different color schemes - allowing users to find their favorite combination.

Ubblove drumsticks feature nylon designs that enhance sound production for electric drums, making them a great choice for every level of drummer.

Best of all, Ubblove products are incredibly cost-effective without sacrificing quality and durability.

Donner Drum Sticks

Best for cool storage bag

Donner Drum Sticks

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Why We Love It

Hey there drummers, looking for a reliable and resilient pair of sticks? Donner Drum Sticks have got you covered!

Crafted using high hardness and corrosion-resistant maple wood, these 5A drumsticks are perfect for daily practice and performance.

Not to mention they're environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless — perfect!

Donner Drum Sticks
Donner Drum Sticks

The added drop-shaped design at the top is great too.

It means they're suitable with both normal drum sets and dumb drum pads, making them perfect for beginner or student drummers.

Pick yours up today so you can start jamming like a pro in no time. Now that's something to get excited about!

What You Should Know

If you're an ardent drum player and looking for a pair of drumsticks that can give you an exceptional experience, then the Donner 5A drumsticks are the perfect choice for you.

Not only do they come with 3 pairs and a carrying bag, but also a 30-day unconditional guarantee from our outstanding customer support team should any assistance be needed.

Donner Drum Sticks
Donner Drum Sticks

Furthermore, these sticks are perfect for long hours of playing as they have a polished surface to provide comfort during use, as well as being light and non-slippery so your wrists won't get tired as quickly.

In essence, with Donner drumsticks in hand, you'll be able to enjoy every beat without compromising on quality or endurance.

Promark Drum Sticks Pack

Best for value

Promark Drum Sticks Pack

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Why We Love It

Introducing Promark Drum sticks Pack – designed to provide electronic drummers with an enhanced drumming experience.

Made from the popular hickory wood, each stick is exceptionally resilient and built for durability, delivering a classic feel that long-time players will recognize.

Promark Drum Sticks Pack
Promark Drum Sticks Pack

Plus, the reinvented acorn tip increases articulation and responsiveness across your kit - so you can enjoy every performance with confidence.

Plus, we've fine-tuned our design so that you no longer need to sacrifice comfort for improved sonic capabilities - this pack is perfect for extended jam sessions.

Start your journey towards superior rhythm with Promark Drum Sticks Pack!

What You Should Know

Promark Drum Sticks Pack comes with two sticks of 16" / 406.4mm length and .565" / 14.4mm diameter to provide high-quality sound and performance.

Promark Drum Sticks are special as they are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA utilizing the most stringent quality controls available for an exceptional musical experience.

Promark Drum Sticks Pack
Promark Drum Sticks Pack

Every Promark Drum Stick is expertly crafted to bring out the tone needed for any kind of music – from light jazz to hard rock.

It's ideal for drummers who demand both accuracy and power with every beat.

With Promark Drum Sticks “Made in USA”, you'll surely make music sound even better!

WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks

Best for the low price

WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks

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Why We Love It

Introducing WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks - the sticks of choice for electronic drummers on the go!

Whether you’re looking to hone your skills or show off your capable drumming, these lightweight and resilient sticks are perfect for any playing environment.

Their lightning-fast speed will have you playing with precision and clarity, while their strong construction ensures a long lasting experience.

And if that wasn’t enough, WOGOD Maple Drumsticks also have a classic feel that no other stick can match.

WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks
WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks

Plus, they’ve been designed with high quality wood and strict quality control methods to make sure you get only the best out of them.

That means a smooth touch and non slip grip every time – great for live performances where a stable handle is key.

But not only that; but they also produce a rich and harmonious sound that is sure to captivate an audience each time you play.

With WOGOD Maple Drumsticks, there’s no limit when it comes to your performance!

What You Should Know

WOGOD 5A maple drumsticks are the perfect combination of quality and durability.

Each WOGOD piece has been through a meticulous harvesting, air kiln drying, sanding, and sealing process to ensure it lives up to expectations.

WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks
WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks

This attention to detail also means WOGOD is confident enough in the quality of their product to offer a lifetime warranty with a 100% money back guarantee.

So, if you're looking for an incredible set of drumsticks that will stand up to wear and tear time after time, WOGOD 5A Maple Drumsticks are the perfect choice!

ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic 5A Drumsticks

Best for quality

ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic 5A Drumsticks

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Why We Love It

Are you an electronic drummer looking for the perfect pair of sticks?

Look no further! ProMark Drum Sticks’ Classic 5A model is all you need.

Our drumsticks are made with revolutionary FireGrain Hickory, combining heat-tempering and precision technology to create a stick built to last – perfect for long practice sessions and intense performances.

ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic 5A Drumsticks
ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic 5A Drumsticks

The oval wood tip provides a dark, warm tone suited for multiple applications – from subtle brush sounds to hard hitting rhythms.

Invest in ProMark Drum Sticks and make your next performance truly stand out.

What You Should Know

ProMark's Classic 5A Drumsticks are engineered and manufactured to the highest of industry standards, right here in the USA.

Benefitting from ProMark's premium quality control measures, these drumsticks are sure to bring out an incredibly pleasing tone when it comes time to rock out.

ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic 5A Drumsticks
ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic 5A Drumsticks

Each stick is a length of 16 inches (406.4mm) and has a diameter of .551 inches (14mm), giving ProMark Drum Sticks increased durability and strength that your band will become accustomed to night after night.

ProMark drumsticks also offer you peace of mind knowing they are made with superior ProMark craftsmanship from American labor using only the best materials and components available.

Electronic Drum Drumsticks FAQ Section

People often have questions about drumsticks for electronic drums.

It can be tough to find the right information about drumsticks for electronic drums, especially if you're not sure where to look.

We've made it easy for you by compiling the most frequently asked questions and answers about drumsticks for electronic drums right here in our FAQ section.

Just scroll down and read up on everything you need to know!

Do you need special drumsticks for electronic drums?

No, you do not need special drumsticks for electronic drums.

Any type of drumstick made for acoustic drums can be used on an electronic drum set.

What are the best drumsticks for electronic drums?

The key features to look for in a pair of sticks are weight and diameter. 

Generally, a lighter stick will provide more control and a softer attack while heavier sticks can be used to achieve maximum volume and power.

Should I get 5A or 5B for electronic drums?

It depends on your individual needs and preferences. 5A is a lightweight, straight stick that is ideal for fast playing and jazz or rock music. 

It has a thinner shaft for improved balance and control of the stick. 

The 5B is slightly heavier than the 5A, with more “mass” in the middle so it can still be comfortable but also provides a bit more rebound when hitting drums harder.

Can you use wooden drumsticks on electronic drum heads?

Yes, definitely! You can use wooden drumsticks on electronic drum heads.

They are typically made of maple or hickory and have a heavier weight than traditional plastic or nylon drumsticks and work great for playing electronic drums.

Is it OK to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Absolutely! An electronic drum kit is a great way to begin learning drums.

With a wide range of sounds, pads, and kits to choose from, it allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home while still getting great sound quality and feedback.

The sensitivity of the pads can also be adjusted so that you can develop muscle memory as well as technique quickly.

Do you need an AMP for electronic drums?

An amplifier (or "amp") is not strictly necessary for electronic drums, as they sometimes come with built-in speakers that are able to provide an adequate sound.

However, if you want improved volume and clarity—as well as the ability to take advantage of additional effects such as reverb and delay—then investing in an amp could be beneficial.

Can an electronic drumming sound like an acoustic kit?

Yes! Electronic drum kits are becoming increasingly realistic with every passing year.

Thanks to talented sound engineers, digital kit samples and robust synthesis tools, leaders in the industry such as Alesis, Roland, and Yamaha have produced electronic drum kits that can capture the warmth and nuance of an acoustic kit both onstage and in the studio.

Why use nylon tip drumsticks?

Nylon tip drumsticks are used by many professional drummers because they offer several unique benefits.

Nylon tips provide added durability, superior sound control and dampening, a fuller tone, less rebound than wood tips, and greater comfort for the drummer over long periods of playing time.

The use of nylon tips on drumsticks also helps to reduce the risk of damage to the electronic drum sets mesh heads from hard hitting due to their softness.

What drum set did Vic Firth use?

Vic Firth used the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drum set for most of his career.

What should you put under electronic drums?

Under electronic drums, you should use a drum mat to reduce noise and vibration.

A drum mat will help keep your drums from sliding around as well.

Which drumsticks are best for beginners?

For new drummers, the best choice of drumsticks is a pair that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Lighter-weight sticks are usually easier to control and can help prevent fatigue during longer practice sessions.

Nylon tips also offer more control and a softer sound, making them an ideal choice for beginners.

The Best Drum Sticks For Electronic Drums

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