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With so many different types of stands on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you - that's why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect guitar stand!

Our guide covers all aspects of selecting a great guitar stand so that buying one becomes easier for everyone.

We cover factors such as console style, construction materials, selection of color options and other must-have features that will make your search much more enjoyable.

Read our article now to find out which are some of the best guitar stands on the market!

How We Choose The Best Guitar Stands

It can be tough to figure out which products are actually worth your time and money because not all reviews are honest.

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How We Choose The Best Guitar Stands

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GLEAM Guitar Stand

Best For Everyday Use

GLEAM Guitar Stand

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Why We Love It

Do you want to make sure your guitar is being stored safely and securely?

If so, the GLEAM Guitar Stand is exactly what you're looking for!

Not only does it fit both electric and acoustic guitars, as well as basses and ukuleles up to 26 inches, but it also features EVA padding on all contact points with your instrument, providing maximum protection to ensure that the guitar's finish isn't compromised.

GLEAM Guitar Stand
GLEAM Guitar Stand

Additionally, this stand is made with strong iron and has adjustable heights so you can customize your perfect storage setup.

With GLEAM's superior quality and craftsmanship, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved instruments are safe from accidental bumps or spills.

If you need top-notch protection for your guitaring gear, get the GLEAM Guitar Stand today!

What You Should Know

At GLEAM, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch musical instrument stands that are not only stylish but also highly functional.

As a global brand, we understand the importance of ensuring the longevity and durability of our products.

No need to worry about tipping, with their perfect tripod stand to ensure stability. Just incase, we offer a lifetime warranty and service on all GLEAM instrument stands, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

GLEAM Guitar Stand
GLEAM Guitar Stand

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is unrivaled, and our highly trained professional team stands ready to address any concerns or needs you may have.

Experience the GLEAM difference and rest assured in the knowledge that your prized musical instruments will be supported far into the future.

Please note that our stands are not compatible with Jazz Bass and Jazz Guitar instruments.

ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand

Best For Storage

ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand

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Why We Love It

Are you a guitarist looking for a reliable, convenient stand to keep your beloved instrument safe?

Look no further than the ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand! Built with heavy-duty metal tubing and an adjustable support rod, this guitar stand is designed to hold up to wear and tear on the road or in the studio.

The rubber cradle ensures that the finish of your guitar won't be damaged when the guitar is placed in its stand.

ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand
ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand

Even better, the adjustable neck cradle function features four snapping points, giving you complete control over how high or low your guitar sits.

Whether you're rocking it or storing it away for a rainy day, your guitar will be safe and secure against any bumps and scratches with ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand!

What You Should Know

Discover the versatility and convenience that the wider, folding cradle has to offer when it comes to securing your cherished guitars.

Designed to accommodate a diverse range of guitar styles, including Electric, Bass, Acoustic, and even the most unique and Extreme Body Styles, this innovative guitar stand is a perfect addition to any musician's setup.

ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand
ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand

With an 8.5" wide base cradle and a 3" wide neck cradle, it provides ample support for your instrument, ensuring it remains steady and secure.

As an added precaution, a rubber neck guard locking latch is in place to guarantee the guitar's safety, reducing the worry of accidental falls or damages.

Invest in this remarkable cradle and enjoy the adaptability, strength, and protection it brings for your beloved guitars.

Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand

Best For Storage

Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand

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Why We Love It

Musicians, we have just the solution for you! The Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand is an easy and hassle-free way for a guitarist to store their instruments.

This stand can hold acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles and even banjos—all at once!

The wider cradle arms are adjustable to fit most guitar shapes and sizes meaning that no matter what kind of guitar you play, this stand has you covered.

Plus, it features thick rubber covers and sturdy steel components at all contact points with your guitar so its finish remains unscathed while it's resting on the stand.

Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand
Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand

No more juggling multiple cases or spending ages setting up and taking down stands every session.

Now you can hang your instruments easily in one place - this holder also looks great in any living space or studio –and take them out as you need them!

Pick up the Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand today for a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to keep your instrument collection organized.

What You Should Know

Features a meticulously designed storage shelf stand that effortlessly houses your prized vinyl record player, cherished vinyl records, albums, and an array of guitar accessories such as a tuner and amp.

Crafted from a perfect fusion of high-quality metal and hard thick wood, the structural integrity of this stand is unparalleled.

What sets it apart is its elevated position from the ground, ensuring that your precious instruments never come in contact with the floor.

Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand
Bikoney 4-Tier Guitar Stand

Additionally, the non-slip feet provide optimum stability, making it an incredibly safe and reliable choice for your home, music room, or studio.

Not only does this storage shelf stand enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, but it also helps conserve valuable real estate by providing an efficient and space-saving arrangement for your beloved musical collection.

So, go ahead and make a melodious investment in this functional marvel today!

Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand

Why We Love It

Introducing Rok-It Multi Guitar Stands – your organizational savior!

Designed to hold up to three acoustic or electric guitars, the heavy duty steel construction and black powder-coated finish make this stand as beautiful as it is reliable.

When you need a place to stow all of your stringed instruments in one space, you'll be glad you invested in this must-have item.

Instead of having a tangled mess of guitars walking around the room, you can rest easy knowing that this piece of equipment keeps multiple guitars neatly stored without taking up too much space.

Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand
Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand

For any guitarist looking for an efficient way to store their collection, the Rok-It's strong steel construction and sharp black finish offer a subtle but sophisticated look.

Whether you're playing alone or with a group, this product will prove invaluable – with three guitar allows ready to go there's no time wasted setting up or tearing down before and after each jam session.

With quick access and flexibility this multi guitar stand has you covered whether at home recording or prepping for a live show.

Don't wait any longer – add the Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand to your collection today and make storage simpler! With its heavy-duty design and sleek aesthetic, it's sure to become an indispensable part of your setup.

What You Should Know

Foam padding serves as a reliable safeguard for instruments, ensuring they remain in optimal condition even during travel or storage.

Its convenient folding design makes it an ideal choice for musicians who want to save space while keeping their instruments well protected.

Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand
Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand

However, foam padding is not the go-to solution for every situation.

It is worth noting that it's not recommended for vintage instruments with lacquer finishes, or classical guitars as it could potentially damage the delicate surface.

Despite this limitation, foam padding remains a popular option for preservation and absolute peace of mind for many musicians who care about their instruments' longevity and safety.

Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand

Best For Design

Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand 

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand - featuring superior strength and stability, so your beloved guitar is held in place securely.

With a free-standing upright guitar hanger design and precise centre of balance, this stand can support the weight of even your heavy acoustic or electric guitar.

Best of all, assembly couldn't be easier! The simple three-point build system ensures that you'll have your guitar on display in no time once it's been delivered.

Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand
Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand

Not to mention, these uniquely designed musical instrument stands make a beautiful addition to any room or instrument collection.

Meaning all you have to do is sit back and admire your pride and joy resting safely on top of the Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand.

Visit them online today and make sure you never have to worry about where to put your guitar ever again!

What You Should Know

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Northern Ireland with the professional wooden guitar stand, handmade to perfection using real mahogany to produce a rich, natural color that adds elegance to your music space while securely holding your guitar.

Designed specifically for both electric and acoustic guitars, this stunning stand offers a generous clearance of 100cm (39") from the base to the cradle, ensuring proper support and balance for your cherished instrument.

Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand
Ruach Original Wooden Guitar Stand

Experience the fusion of beauty, functionality, and expert artistry with this unique, high-quality guitar stand, a true testament to the expert carpentry traditions of Northern Ireland.

Don't Just Play Guitar – Support It With The Right Stand! FAQ Section

You're looking for a guitar stand, but don't know which one to buy.

We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about guitar stands to help you make your decision. You'll find them below in our FAQ section!

Is it better to hang a guitar or use a stand?

It really depends on the situation. For most guitarists, it is better to use a stand so that it does not come in contact with other objects and maintains its original shape. 

However, if you are playing live or at a recording session, hanging your guitar is the recommended option since this will prevent any accidental slips and falls.

Is it okay to leave guitars on a stand?

Yes, it is generally alright to leave a guitar on a stand. However, certain precautions should be taken to ensure that the instrument remains in good condition.

 Firstly, make sure that when leaving your guitar on the stand there is nothing nearby (such as furniture or other instruments) that could knock into it and cause damage. 

Secondly, ensure that you place the stand in an area with low humidity so as not to accelerate oxidation of metal parts or warp wood components over time.

Does it damage a guitar to hang it?

Yes, hanging an electric or acoustic guitar on a guitar wall hanger can be potentially damaging to the instrument. 

The weight of the guitar itself, in addition to any added pressure from straps or wall mounts, can cause the neck and body joints to become loose over time and compromise their structural integrity.

Where should I put my guitar in my room?

The best spot to put your guitar in your room is on guitar racks or stands. This ensures that it's off the ground, away from any potential damage, and easily accessible for playing.

 Additionally, putting it on a stand also promotes better posture when playing since you won’t have to bend over or reach up as far when it’s at an ideal height.

Should guitars be stored flat or upright?

While it may be aesthetically pleasing to store your guitar flat, doing so can cause damage over time. It is recommended to store your guitar upright in a sturdy case or hanging on a guitar stand.

 Storing it upright allows the strings of the instrument to maintain more tension which helps keep them from stretching and becoming loose over time.

Do guitar strings go bad in storage?

Yes, guitar strings can go bad in storage.

 It is best to keep your guitar strings stored in a dry environment away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.

 Over time, the materials used to make strings oxidize and corrode when exposed to these elements which will shorten their life span and affect the sound quality.

Should you detune a guitar for storage?

Yes, it is always a good idea to detune your guitar before storage. 

Doing so will help prevent the strings from stretching and becoming loose over time, which can cause string buzzing and various other issues.

 Additionally, detuning your guitar helps relieve tension on the neck and bridge, protecting them from accidental damage or warping due to long-term stress.

Do guitar stands warp necks?

Yes, guitar stands can warp necks if not used properly. It is important to use a stand that fits your guitar neck snugly, as improperly sized stands can put too much pressure on the guitar neck.

 You also want to make sure that the stand has padding or rubber grip between its arms and your instrument, as metal-on-metal contact over time can cause warping of the neck.

What material is best for a frame stand?

When it comes to a sturdy frame guitar stand, several materials can do the job. Metal is the most popular choice, as steel and aluminum are both strong and lightweight materials that can provide a durable support structure.

 Wood is another option; some prefer its natural look and acoustic properties, but it should be used with caution as wood can be prone to warping or splitting over time.

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