Are you looking to add something special and unique to your instrument collection?

Check out the tongue drum!

This percussion instrument is perfect for creating beautiful music with its gentle, soothing sound.

Our selection of the best-selling tongue drums on the market will help you find just what you’re looking for.

Don’t miss out on adding this amazing and unique new addition to your collection!

With our selection of top-rated products, you can be sure that whatever drum you choose will bring joy and creativity into your life.

In no time at all, you'll feel as though each note was written just for you.

You'll love the way it makes a room come alive with its gentle rhythms!

Explore our selection of tongue drums today!

How We Choose The Best Tongue Drum

With so many products on the market, it's hard to know which ones are worth your time and money.

It can be tempting to buy based on price alone, but that can often lead to low-quality products.

Woman holding a tongue drum.
How We Choose The Best Tongue Drum

QualityQuickCheck is here to help.

We take the guesswork out of buying high-quality products by analyzing real customer reviews and data.

Our list of top-selling products is updated daily, so you can always trust our recommendations.

MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum Kit

Best For Value

MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum Kit

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Why We Love It

Introducing the MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum kit!

Get ready to be mesmerized by the ethereal sound this unique drum produces.

Want to add a unique sonic energy and calming touch to your yoga session or meditation session?

The MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum is your answer!

Create soothingly beautiful music for everyone’s listening pleasure with this magnificent instrument.

The beautiful and intricate design of the tongue drum allows it to emit a clean, pleasant Buddha-like sound that you and your guests will love.

MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum Kit
MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum Kit

With 8 notes and a range of sounds, it is perfect for beginner musicians as well as experienced ones.

Whether you play with rubber  mallets or use your own fingers, you are sure to add a special touch of musical magic with this harmonious instrument.

Enjoy Chinese classical music concerts, percussion shows, musical education activities or even add in some extra relaxation time while meditating!

With its delightful tones that echo through all nearby chambers, the MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum is all set to bring ambiance and joy into your life, so come treat yourself now!

What You Should Know

Introducing the Musfunny 6-inch steel tongue drum - the perfect addition to your musical instrument collection.

Made with high quality alloy steel material and an excellent finished surface, this drum boasts an exquisite design that is sure to captivate your audience.

The upgraded set includes a travel bag, music book, mallets holder, mallets bag, wiping cloth, and shoulder strap, all of which will enhance your musical experience.

MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum Kit
MusFunny Steel Tongue Drum Kit

With a compact size, you can easily take this percussion drum wherever you go, allowing you to create beautiful and peaceful music wherever the mood strikes.

With its modern design and simplistic shape, this drum is not only easy to carry, but adds a touch of elegance to any performance.

Get ready to embark on a wonderful journey of music with the Musfunny 6-inch steel tongue drum.

FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum

Best For Quality

FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum

Check Price On Amazon!

Why We Love It

Do you like the sound of music, but don't know where to start?

With FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum, it's never too late to start your musical journey!

This percussion instrument is handcrafted from stainless steel with an exquisite finished surface and anti-corrosion coating for maximum durability.

It's perfect for creating melodic sounds in any setting - use it for music education, yoga meditation, zazen, performances and religious activities.

FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum
FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum

Boasting its superior sound quality, You can play with included drum mallets or even just your fingertips.

The included music scores are designed to make learning easy so beginners won't have any obstacles on their way towards becoming a mini maestro.

Get ready to have friends and family mesmerized by the sound coming out of this uniquely crafted instrument!

Make FOUR UNCLES' best Steel Tongue Drum part of your musical collection today!

What You Should Know

This music instrument package is everything you need to embrace your inner musician.

Featuring a beautiful Steel Tongue Drum that produces a calming, almost meditative sound, you'll be transported to a new world of melody with just a few taps.

FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum
FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum

The package comes complete with a drum bag, two drum mallets, a mallets holder, music score, spare notes, and finger picks.

All of these tools combined offer endless opportunities for exploration and creative expression.

So whether you're an experienced player or a curious beginner, this package is perfect for unleashing your musical talent and discovering a new passion.

Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum

Best For Size

Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum

Check Price On Amazon!

Why We Love It

Welcome to a journey of musical discovery with the all-new Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum.

This 14-inch drum is crafted from premium steel with a dazzling water-based paint job that won't fade.

Pushing boundaries in modern instrumentology, you'll find a range 15 tones that are simply captivating.

Whether you're just getting started, or an experienced drummer looking to add some creative flair to your sound, the Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum has something for everyone.

Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum
Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum

It's ultra versatile range can recreate classic melodies and create something new and unheard of - perfect for when you want to experiment while jamming out.

Plus, this drum isn't just built for performance: it's also widely used in spiritual healing and yoga meditation as well as being helpful for calming emotional states.

So why wait?

Come experience the mystical captivation of the mighty Rakumi drum!

Enjoy an ethereal journey of meditative music with no limits - grab your new drum today!

What You Should Know

Looking for a versatile percussion instrument that can be used for music education, mind healing, and yoga meditation?

Look no further than the Rakumi large tongue drum set!

This package includes everything you need to get started, including a steel drum, mallets, a music book in English, a bag, note sticker, and picks.

Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum
Rakumi Large Steel Tongue Drum

And the best part? The Rakumi large tongue drum set is incredibly easy to use - even beginners can create beautiful melodies and rhythms in minutes.

Plus, with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that our after-sales service is top-notch.

So why wait?

Order your Rakumi large tongue drum set today and start exploring the magic of this ancient instrument.

Yinama Steel Tongue Drum

Best For Beginners

Yinama Steel Tongue Drum

Check Price On Amazon!

Why We Love It

The Yinama Steel Tongue Drum is a must-have for all musicians, teachers and music students!

The steel drum offers beautiful resonance and vibration, as each note has been checked with a tuner for quality assurance – ensuring only the most minimal fluctuations in sound.

Whether you are playing music alone or with others in mind, the Yinama Steel Tongue Drum will deliver on a beautiful sound that has been the standard among generations of teachers and students.

Yinama Steel Tongue Drum
Yinama Steel Tongue Drum

Style wise, you have nothing to worry about due specifically to the Protective Lacquer Finish that guards against any tarnishing, scuffles and scratches.

By investing into this timeless instrument now, you can trust it will last forever.

Get your own Yinama Steel Tongue Drum today!

What You Should Know

Imagine the sound of 11 tongues, each vibrating in perfect harmony, creating a beautiful melody that captures your heart.

This is exactly what you can expect from this unique steel alloy instrument, shaped in a beautiful lotus flower design.

Measuring 12 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height, and weighing in at 6 pounds, it's the perfect size to take with you wherever you go.

Yinama Steel Tongue Drum
Yinama Steel Tongue Drum

And with its distinct C major pentatonic scale, it's sure to bring joy and relaxation to anyone who hears it.

This hand-crafted treasure is coated with a vibrant green spray-paint, making it an eye-catching addition to any room.

Don't hesitate to share the gift of music with your loved ones, or treat yourself to this exquisite instrument.

Lronbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Best For Kids

Lronbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Check Price On Amazon!

Why We Love It

Experience music in a way you have never before!

Introducing the Lorinbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum: the perfect piece of percussion bringing you rich sounds, stable tones and a beautiful design that both children and adults are sure to love.

The drum body is full and round, giving it an impressive presence while its lightly curved surface produces a crisp, rich sound that is sure to make your melodies mesmerizing.

And with its lotus petal-shaped sound tongue, this instrument gives off a pure, ethereal sound that can help bring relaxation and joy straight to your heart.

Lronbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum
Lronbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Listen as your notes traverse through the small drum chamber creating an enchanting atmosphere sure to captivate everyone within hearing range.

Take it anywhere with its mini tongue drum design. With exquisite tone quality and beautifully carved patterns on the surface, this tongue drum is crafted from the best alloy steel material available making it highly durable so its sound will continue to fill up spaces with pure pleasure for years to come!

It won’t be long before friends and family start complimenting you on your choice in percussion instruments.

For quality, style and performance there’s simply no other tongue drum quite like the Lorinbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum--clearly made for those looking for more than just excellence in music!

What You Should Know

Experience a unique and calming melody with Ironbird's best Steel Tongue Drums.

This beautifully designed drum features eight distinct tones, offering a wide range of sounds for you to create endless melodies.

With the included mallets or your own hands, this steel drum is easy to play, and perfect for both beginners and experts.

Lronbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum
Lronbird Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Hand-modulated with exceptional accuracy, this drum is made from high-alloy steel, ensuring it's highly durable and resistant to both heat and corrosion.

Not only is this drum an excellent source of entertainment, but it can also help develop important skills such as hearing and visual development, making it an ideal gift for parents to enjoy with their children.

Create Beautiful Music With These Best-Selling Tongue Drums! FAQ Section

Most people are hesitant to try something new, especially if they're not sure how it works.

But learning how to play the tongue drum is easy and fun!

Our FAQ section takes you through each step of playing the tongue drum.

From finding the right tone, to making your first beat, we'll have you on your way to becoming a tongue drumming pro in no time!

Where did tongue drums originate from?

Tongue Drums (tank drum) have roots in several ancient cultures and civilizations. 

The oldest known record of a tongue-shaped drum dates back to the Aztec civilization which flourished between the 14th and 16th centuries. 

While there is strong evidence that variations of these drums were used in other parts of South America as well as Africa and India at around the same time

Are tongue drums any good?

Yes, tongue drums are very good! 

When you strike these tongues, the instrument produces a sound similar to traditional drums combined with the resonance of a steelpan.

Tongue drums can be used for both music and therapeutic purposes. 

These instruments provide an easy way to produce enjoyable music since they require minimal skill or practice.

Is it easy to play tongue drum?

It is relatively easy to play a tongue drum. 

All it really takes is a little bit of practice and you will be making beautiful music in no time. 

The beat root tongue drum is a popular choice for modern times.

What is the purpose of a tongue drum?

The purpose of a tongue drum is both for playing music and providing a calming experience. 

It is an ancient instrument that has been around for centuries, used in many cultures for meditation, healing, and spiritual celebrations. 

This instrument allows for different melodies to be played very easily.

Do you have to tune a tongue drum?

No, you typically do not have to tune a tongue drum. 

However, if you choose to, there are certain ways that you can tune your tongue drum and manipulate the sound it produces with greater depth. 

One way is by using magnets.

Can you play a tongue drum with your fingers?

Yes, you can play a tongue drum with your fingers. 

Many people who are just starting out learning to play these instruments opt for fingerstyle because it is the simplest way to create beats and rhythms. 

However, many experienced players recommend using mallets because they provide more control over the sound of the instrument and allow you to create much more intricate patterns and melodic lines.

How do you hit a tongue drum?

In order to hit a tongue drum properly, it's essential for musicians to know where and how hard they should strike each individual tongue in order for it to produce the desired tone and rhythm. 

Generally speaking, striking around the center area (or sweet spot) of each tongue shape will produce a fuller sound with more resonance than if you strike near its edges for quality sound.

What instrument goes well with tongue drum?

One great pairing for a tongue drum is the guitar.

The added range of notes from the guitar fills out the tonal range provided by the tongue drum, creating a fuller soundscape with more depth and complexity.

Another excellent addition to any ensemble featuring a tongue drum is either an Indian flute or Bamboo flute (depending on which type of ethnic/folk music you’re trying to go for).

What is the best size for a tongue drum?

When it comes to choosing the best size for a tongue drum, one should consider what they plan on using the instrument for and how much space they have available. 

As such, 12 or 14-inch drums are often considered ideal; these sizes provide enough room for diverse sounds without sacrificing portability.

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