Worried about your PC gaming system getting damaged in a power surge?

A good surge protector can help keep your PC running smoothly and prevent damage to your hardware.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best rated surge protectors for gaming PCs on the market.

We know that you want to keep your PC gaming system in top condition, so we've gathered together some of the best surge protectors on the market to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Read more and find the perfect surge protector for your gaming PC!

How We Choose The Best Surge Protectors

It can be hard to know if you're buying a quality product. You might not have the time or energy to research every purchase you make.

We've all been there - you see a great deal on a product but you're not sure if it's worth the risk.

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How We Choose The Best Surge Protectors

What if it's a piece of junk?

QualityQuickCheck is here to help.

We provide unbiased, expert reviews of products so that you can make informed decisions about what to buy.

ALESTOR Surge Protector Power Strip

Best surge protectors for value

ALESTOR Surge Protector Power Strip

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Why We Love It

Are you looking for a surge protector that offers premium protection with added features for your gaming PC? Look no further than the ALESTOR Power Strip Surge Protector!

This powerful surge protector comes loaded with 12 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports.

It offers an impressive 2700 Joules of surge protection plus overload protection to protect your gaming PC and other devices you might have from potentially dangerous spikes or fluctuations in electricity.

ALESTOR Surge Protector Power Strip
ALESTOR Surge Protector Power Strip

The wide range voltage design makes it perfect for any circuit, no matter the voltage.

And when you need to plug in those large adapters, you can do so without worrying about a shortage of space

This power strip comes with 10 standard-spacing outlets, plus two widely spaced AC outlets (2 inches apart)!

But that’s not all – this power strip also features a flame-retardant PC shell and environmental protection making it stronger and longer lasting than ever before.

With its 6-foot heavy duty power extension cord, the ALESTOR Power Strip Surge Protector is the perfect addition to your home or office!

What You Should Know

This innovative surge protector is the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their devices safe while they charge.

Features such as the three level complementary Surge Protector Circuit make it remarkably reliable, composed of TVS (transient voltage suppressor), MOV (metal oxide varistor), and GDT (gas discharge tube).

It has a minimum 2700 Joules energy absorbing capacity, giving your gadgets ultimate protection.

ALESTOR Surge Protector Power Strip
ALESTOR Surge Protector Power Strip

Additionally, this product follows US safety standards with its extension cord and other major components certified by UL and over current protection switch which limits the working current, preventing any risk of overheating.

With a 30-day return policy, plus our worry-free 24-month assurance and prompt customer service support, you can depend on this durable charging device for all of your needs!

Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Best surge protectors for compact size

Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector, your all-in-one plugging solution!

With eight outlets to power your gaming PC, this power strip will keep your gaming PC and all other devices safe from potentially dangerous power surges.

It's got a 4500-joule energy rating and can handle a max. 15A/120V/1800W supply - now that's impressive!

Also, you don't have to worry about any unexpected power surges as the Fireproof MOV technology will offer added protection against them.

Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Plus, for peace of mind, there's a green LED light at one end that indicates active surge protection and grounded wiring for all outlets too.

For convenience, it also features an extra-long 5-foot power cord with a 45-degree angled design, so you still get flexible placement even in tight spaces.

And if that wasn't enough – its heavy-duty design comes in handy when plugging and unplugging items which could short out with regular plugs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the Amazon Basics Power Strip Surge Protector today and make sure your PC stays safely powered up!

What You Should Know

The Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector is a must-have for those who need to extend the range of power outlets in their home or office.

It features 8 widely spaced AC outlets, easily accessible with sliding covers to ensure items sit flush and secure on the surface.

This efficient device also includes a protective circuit breaker that helps protect your electronics from power surges and an on/off switch which allows you to quickly turn off all connected devices when not in use.

Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

To provide increased accessibility, it comes with a 6-foot power cord with a 3-prong plug and a convenient keyhole for wall mounting so you can have it nearby at any time.

From home offices to living spaces, the Amazon Basics 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector is perfect for protecting your gaming PC.

POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet, Surge Protector

Best surge protectors for most outlets

POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet, Surge Protector

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Why We Love It

Introducing the POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet Surge Protector. This power strip is not only reliable and safe but also incredibly convenient.

It has 18AC outlets and 4 USB ports ready to power all of your devices, from gaming PCs and tablets to lights, speakers, and more.

With a special heavy duty extension cord of up to 8 feet long, you'll be able to avoid clutter in those tight spaces!

Plus, the POWSAV provides extra protection for all your electronics with its 2100 Joules surge protector.

This built-in feature prevents dangerous spikes and fluctuations caused by storms or other common disruptions.

POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet, Surge Protector
POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet, Surge Protector

The over-current protection switch also ensures that the power strip won't get too hot during prolonged use.

And because it's made of fire-resistant PC shell material that withstands temperatures up to 1382℉, you can rest assured knowing you're protected in any situation.

On top of that, this surge protector comes with reusable fastening cable ties so you can quickly adjust any dangling cords to how you'd like - neat and organized!

Get your POWSAV Power Strip today and have total peace of mind knowing your gaming PC is always safe from potential damage or surges.

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a surge protector with unbeatable protection that is reliable and quick, then our 3-level complementary Surge Protector Circuit is exactly what you need.

Composed of TVS (transient voltage suppressor), MOV (metal oxide varistor) and GDT (gas discharge tube) components, it has a minimum 2100 Joules energy absorbing capacity making sure to protect all your devices.

POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet, Surge Protector
POWSAV Power Strip with 8 Feet, Surge Protector

Furthermore, it is ETL safety certified and its extension cord and other major components are certified by UL, so you can purchase this product with confidence - our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to any issues you may have within 24 hours.

On top of that we offer a 30-day return policy as well as 12-month replacements, so go ahead, and invest in the best surge protection on the market today!

Surge protectors FAQs

You know you need a surge protector, but you're not sure what they do or which one to buy.

A surge protector is an essential piece of equipment for your gaming PC, but with all of the different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We've answered the most common questions about surge protectors so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

What exactly does a surge protector do?

A surge protector is a device designed to protect electrical appliances from surges in the electric current which can occur due to fluctuations in the power supply. 

Such surges can damage or even destroy expensive electronics such as computers, televisions, and gaming systems without the proper surge protector.

What should you never plug into a surge protector?

There are certain devices that should never be connected to a surge protector because they can create a potentially dangerous situation.

--Large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and air conditioners should not be connected to surge protectors due to the high amperage these items draw and the potential of overloading the protected outlet. This could cause an electrical fire or other serious damage.

What's the difference between power strips and surge protectors?

A power strip and a surge protector may look similar, but they serve very different purposes. 

A power strip is designed to expand the number of outlets available for powering devices and appliances, while a surge protector functions as a safety measure to protect your electronics from any sudden increases in voltage that could cause damage or fire.

The primary difference between the two lies in their internal components. A power strip has no built-in protection, whereas a surge protector contains an array of movable metal oxide varistors (MOVs) that can absorb any dangerous electricity spikes before it reaches your connected device. 

This type of protection is also known as "overvoltage suppression". 

Additionally, many surge protectors also come with other features like phone line/cable protection, wall mount convenience with rotating outlets and USB ports, as well as indicator lights that let you know when the MOV’s have been tripped due to excessive voltage levels.

Are surge protectors really worth it?

Absolutely! Surge protectors provide an invaluable service in protecting our electrical connections and appliances. 

Not only do they absorb voltage spikes and surges, but they also provide short circuit protection - meaning that if a fault develops in your wiring or appliance, it will cut the power before any serious damage can be done. 

This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention the inconvenience of having to replace appliances due to fire or shock hazards.

Is it better to leave a surge protector on all the time?

Yes, it is always better to leave your surge protector plugged in and switched on all the time. 

Surge protectors are designed to provide a layer of protection for valuable electronics from sudden power surges, which can range from mild blips to powerful overvoltage spikes that could cause extensive damage or even total destruction.

Surge protectors act as miniature circuit breakers with automatic shut-off switches embedded in them. 

They work by “clipping” off electricity supply if too much voltage flows through them, thus preventing any further damage from being done. 

Leaving your surge protector turned on will ensure that all of your connected electronic devices receive this additional level of protection and remain safe at all times.

What surge protectors are the safest?

When it comes to choosing a surge protector, safety is one of the most important considerations.

There are several factors that should be taken into account when looking for the safest surge protector.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that any model you choose is UL 1449 certified.

This certification indicates that the product meets industry-standard safety requirements set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Additionally, look for a device with metal oxide varistors (MOVs) or thermal fuses as these are designed to protect against surges in excess of 400 volts.

Some surge protectors also include LED lights which indicate when damage has occurred due to an excessive voltage spike; such products can provide peace of mind by letting you know if your system has been affected by electric interference.

Other features to consider include total power outlet capacity and protection modes offered .

 From basic models with just one outlet strip up to more powerful units offering up to 8 outlets deployed in different configurations and advanced protection systems like “rotating-type” technology which monitors incoming current levels and automatically shuts off energy supply before peak voltages can reach your equipment.

What are the 3 different types of surge protectors?

1. Whole House Surge Protectors - These devices essentially act as a filter between your home and the utility company, offering protection from voltage spikes by diverting lightning or electrical charge away from your equipment and back to the power grid.

2. Strip Structured Surge Protectors – Strip structured surge protectors offer coverage for any electronic device connected to it when properly installed in outlets close to where these pieces of equipment are located throughout a home or office space. 

This type of protector typically contains multiple outlets with each one containing a limiter which activates if it identifies dangerous voltages or currents running through it.

3. Point-of-Use Surge Protectors – Also known simply as plug-in surge suppressor units, these small devices offer an economical solution for protecting sensitive electronics like computers and cable television systems in larger environments such as businesses due its often compact size compared to strip structured protector’s bulky frame size making them more suitable for smaller spaces such as residential areas where space is limited yet you want some sort of increased safety circuit on certain pieces of hardware within those locations.

Do surge protectors increase electricity bills?

The short answer is no, surge protectors do not increase electricity bills. In fact, they can actually lead to savings in the long run.

Surge protectors are designed to protect electrical devices and appliances from voltage spikes which can damage them or cause a fire hazard. 

By diverting excess power caused by surges and other unpredictable electrical fluctuations away from your electronics, surge protectors keep your devices safe without consuming extra energy themselves. 

This means that you won't see an increased hit on your energy bill when using a surge protector—in fact, it could be protecting you from spending extra money on repairs or replacements down the line!

Should you use a surge protector to plug in a gaming PC?

Absolutely! Using a surge protector to plug in a gaming PC is an absolute must.

A gaming PC can be a significant investment, so protecting it from surges and spikes of electricity is paramount.

A surge protector will absorb the extra voltage spikes and divert them away from your gaming PC, preventing any potential damage caused by power surges.

This can help to extend the life of your system and ensure that you are able to get maximum value out of your purchase.

What is the lifespan of a surge protector?

The lifespan of a surge protector depends on several factors, including the quality of the device being used and the environment in which it is installed. 

Generally speaking, surge protectors are built to last anywhere from two to six years. 

However, this range could be shorter or longer depending on the individual device’s design and usage conditions.

What is the best surge protector for gaming PC?

When it comes to the best gaming PC surge protector, you want the best surge protector on the market.

The most important factor when choosing the best surge protector is its capacity. You should look for one that’s rated at least 1200 joules and has multiple outlets.

Additionally, if you have connected expensive peripherals like a headset or monitor, be sure to look for an advanced suppressor with fireproof technology that prevents damage due to extreme voltage spikes up to 5000 volts.

Best Rated Surge Protectors For Your Saftey and Fun!

All in all, the wide selection of surge protectors for gaming PCs available on the market can make finding the perfect one for you a difficult and tedious task.

Nonetheless, we hope that after reading this article you were able to pick out the perfect surge protector for your needs.

Make sure to click the check price buttons so you can make sure you are getting a great deal!

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