If you're a musician looking for a new challenge, or simply want to add some depth and variety to your sound, then you should definitely check out 8 string guitars.

These unique instruments can take your playing to the next level, and there are a lot of great options out there.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best 8 string guitars on the market today.

We'll discuss their features and how they can benefit your playing style. So if you're ready to take on something new then read on for the best 8 string guitars!

How We Choose The Best 8 String guitars

You want to buy an 8 string guitar, but don't have the time to read through all the customer reviews on different websites.

It can be hard to know which 8 string guitar is right for you because there are so many different brands and models available.

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How We Choose The Best 8 String guitars

QualityQuickCheck has done the hard work for you.

We've read through verified customer reviews to find the best 8 string guitars on the market.

Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar

Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar

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Why We Love It

Are you a guitarist looking for something special? The Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar is an amazing model that will turn heads!

With 2 humbucking pickups, a poplar arched top body, and an amaranth fretboard crafted from maple wood with spectacular note definition, this instrument has unique features that allow it to stand out from the pack.

Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar
Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar

In addition, the guitar’s poplar body material provides a lush sounding texture that enhances your playing experience.

Get ready to take your performances to new heights when you play this guitar - its look and sound combined with its exceptional playability are sure to make it a dream come true for any guitarist.

Don't hesitate - get your hands on the Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar today!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for an electric guitar that sounds great and plays great, you should check out Jackson's JS32 8-String Electric Guitar.

It boasts powerful tones with a 14.15-pound weight, H bridge pickup configuration, 26.5 scale length, and a hardtail guitar bridge system.

Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar
Jackson JS32 8-String Electric Guitar

This combination ensures the Jackson JS32 8-string electric guitar gives you impressive playability and versatile tones without sacrificing on sound quality.

Moreover, Jackson's commitment to craftsmanship means this guitar can truly stand the test of time and provide years of reliable performance.

So, if you want an 8-string electric guitar that looks good and sounds even better, the Jackson JS32 is worth every penny.

Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar: the melodic instrument of your dreams!

With its historically large jumbo body shape and pressed back construction, it offers a deep, full-frequency baritone voice that will take any guitarist’s performance to the next level.

And with the addition of two octave strings, you get a harmonic layering of low-end harmony for an enchanting, harp-like sound.

Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The solid spruce top ensures that those high frequency octave strings blend in gorgeously for a symphonic tone which also helps maintain string tension.

Perfect for acoustic sessions as well as ensemble playing, this is every music lover's ideal guitar!

So why wait? Get yours today and feel the power of your music come alive!

What You Should Know

Guild Guitars has developed the perfect guitar for any musician looking for an instrument with a unique tone and exceptional playability.

The Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is tuned B-E-a-A-d-D-F#-B, five steps down from a standard guitar, and provides the amazing resonance and wide dynamic range.

In addition, it comes outfitted with luxuries such as rosewood back and sides, bound neck and body, Fishman GT-1 pickup system, and a perfect gloss polyurethane finish.

Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Guild Guitars 8-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Plus, each Guild acoustic electric will have its own complex look due to natural wood variations in color richness and wood grain – no two will ever be exactly alike!

Whether you're a professional musician or just starting to explore your musical passions, Guild has you covered when it comes to crafting an instrument that meets all of your needs.

Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar

Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar

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Why We Love It

Professional guitar players are always on the lookout for the perfect sound. Now there's a way to get it - Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar!

This incredibly crafted electric guitar is made with an Okoume body and burl poplar top, giving it an amazing range of tones and texture.

The neck material is made from maple for a smooth feel and balance, while the composite ebony fingerboard provides the ultimate playing experience.

Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar
Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar

And featuring a 1V/1T/3W pickup configuration, you can switch between different sounds with ease.

Plus, this beauty comes in both right and left hand orientations, so it fits all musical needs.

Get ready to reach new heights of strumming perfection with your new Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar!

What You Should Know

Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar is a great choice for any player looking for premium sound quality.

With its 25 1/2-inch scale and 24 frets, the Gstyle provides optimum playability.

The 2 1/8 nut width ensures string stability and a 2-way adjustable rod (4mm Allen Nut) makes it easy to customize the guitar's feel to your desired string tension.

Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar
Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar

To give you the ultimate control over your sound, this Gstyle guitar has one volume and tone control with a 3-way switch.

All of these features, combined with high-quality brass strings, make Gstyle 8 String Electric Guitar a must-have for any aspiring guitarist or professional musician.

Schecter C-8 8-StringElectric Guitar

Schecter C-8 8-StringElectric Guitar

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Why We Love It

Are you looking for an 8-string electric guitar with some serious power? Look no further than the Schecter C-8!

This impressive instrument features a beautiful basswood body and a bolt on maple neck pickup for a vibrant tone and great playability.

Loaded with powerful Schecter Diamond Plus-8 pickups, you can achieve any sound your music demands.

Schecter C-8 8-StringElectric Guitar
Schecter C-8 8-StringElectric Guitar

And the Chrome hardware and TonePros T3BT TOM w/ String Thru Body give the Schecter C-8 plenty of sustain and unparalleled resonance.

Plus, with its Rosewood fingerboard and Dot inlay, you can easily access all frets while playing intricate licks or chords.

So if you’re an aspiring musician who’s looking for a reliable instrument that won’t let you down, then pick up the Schecter C-8 today!

What You Should Know

The Schecter C-8 8-String Electric Guitar is an impressive instrument, perfect for the adventurous guitarist.

It features a carbon fiber neck material with an adjustable bridge system that ensures both tuning stability and excellent sound quality.

Schecter C-8 8-StringElectric Guitar
Schecter C-8 8-StringElectric Guitar

The combination guitar pickup configuration is designed to produce a wider tonal range so the player can explore their soundscape even further.

For added convenience, it's available in either black or white and weighs just 13.4 pounds - easily transportable yet substantial enough to make its presence known while being played!

8 String Guitar FAQ Section

Buying an 8 string guitar can be a daunting task.

With all of the different makes and models available, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

We've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about 8 String Guitars to help make your decision easier.

What are 8 string guitars good for?

8 string guitars are a great choice for musicians looking to expand their sonic palette and explore new musical possibilities. 

With two additional strings, an 8 string guitar can add depth and texture to a song or composition. 

These extra strings allow for longer chords and new unique tones that would be difficult with the traditional 6-string instrument.

Is it worth getting an 8 string guitar?

Absolutely! An 8-string guitar offers an enormous range of tonal possibilities that simply cannot be matched by a 6-string instrument. 

With 8 strings, you can access lower notes than ever before, and explore a much wider variety of musical possibilities.

Is there a 12 string guitar?

Yes, there is a 12-string guitar.

This type of guitar features six pairs of strings and each pair is tuned to the same note or octave interval.

It's commonly used in folk, blues, and rock music and produces a much richer sound than standard 6 string guitars due to the increased number of strings, with each pair adding resonance and sustain.

Are 8 string guitars hard to play?

Yes, 8-string guitars can be difficult to play due to the increased number of strings and wider fretboard. 

However, with proper technique and dedication, it's possible to get a grip on the instrument. 

It's important to take your time with learning any new instrument; this applies just as much to an 8-string guitar as it does to any other type.

Why do 8 string guitars have slanted frets?

8 string guitars have slanted frets to better accommodate the extra strings. 

Having all of the strings at an angle gives them a more natural feel and makes it easier to reach each fret without having to press down too hard or stretch too far, which can put a strain on your hands.

Are 8 string guitars better than 6 string guitars?

Although it depends on individual preference, 8 string guitars generally offer a wider range of notes and make playing lower notes easier due to the extra strings. 

The additional strings can also create an interesting variation of tone that is not achievable with 6 string guitars. 

8 string guitars have become increasingly popular in modern musical genres such as Progressive Metal and Djent because they provide greater sonic possibilities compared to traditional 6 string guitars.

Are 8 string guitars more expensive?

Yes, 8 string guitars are typically more expensive than standard 6 strings. 

Generally speaking, the additional two strings result in a larger body size and complexity of construction which add to the cost. 

Additionally, there is often less demand for 8 string guitars among guitar players due to the fact that they require special techniques and an extended range of knowledge compared to the traditional 6-string guitar.

Do 8 string guitars sound better than normal guitars?

It comes down to preference but 8 string guitars sound different than normal guitars - they have a unique low end that can provide more range and versatility to a player's sound. 

Their extended range makes them great for playing heavier styles of music like metal, but they also work well in other genres such as jazz and classical. 

Players find the lower octave adds a lot of variation to their playing, allowing them to explore new sounds and create interesting musical phrases. 

For those looking for something extra in their tone, 8 strings are definitely worth exploring!

Can you put locking tuners on an 8 string guitar?

Yes, you are able to put locking tuners on an 8 string guitar. 

If your 8 string guitar has a compensated bridge saddle, then any kind of locking tuner should work fine. 

But if it does not have one, then the better route would be to look for individual locking saddles so that you can still make each string independently adjustable which is necessary when tuning 8 strings compared to 6 or even 4 strings.

What type of music is an 8 string guitar best for?

An 8 string guitar is most commonly associated with heavy metal music such as death metal, black metal, and thrash metal because it allows the player to incorporate low end notes which are not often heard in other genres.

It can also be used in a variety of alternative styles that require an additional bass range including progressive rock, jazz fusion, and rock.

However, the 8 string guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument capable of producing a wide range of sounds so musicians from all genres can use it to create unique and interesting sounds.

What is a multi scale fretboard?

A multi scale fretboard is an instrument fretboard which incorporates two scale lengths or more. 

This allows the strings to have different tensions, resulting in better intonation and improved playability.

Can you use a capo on 8 string guitars?

Absolutely! Not only can you use a capo on 8 string guitars, but it can drastically improve your playing and help you access different notes quickly. 

By properly positioning a capo on the strings of an 8-string guitar, you can change the pitch range of all eight strings in one easy step. 

It's great for playability, whether you're trying to get high notes or low notes for soloing or chords without retuning.

Is there a difference between thin u shape necks and thin c shape necks?

Yes, there is a difference between thin u shape and thin c shape necks on guitars. 

The most obvious difference is the shape of the neck itself: u shaped necks have flat shoulders while c shaped necks feature more curved shoulders.

Can you get 8 string guitars with a baritone scale length?

Yes, 8-string guitars with a baritone scale length are available. 

These guitars have eight strings tuned to different pitches and string gauges. 

A baritone guitar usually has a longer scale length than the standard electric guitar. 

When playing guitar with a baritone scale length it gives the instrument deeper tones and a fuller tone than the shorter instruments can typically produce.

Is mahogany a good material for guitars?

Yes, mahogany is an excellent material for guitars. 

It has a warm, rich tone and good sustain that makes it ideal for solid mahogany body guitars. 

Its weight and density also provide plenty of resonance without being too heavy or unwieldy making it perfect for a mahogany neck, compared to a heavier walnut neck. 

An ash body is another good option for lightweight guitar bodies.

The Best 8 String Guitars For You!

We've arrived at the end of this article, and we hope you now have a better understanding of 8 string guitars.

Ultimately, any 8 string guitar you pick will be a great choice and provide hours of sonic entertainment.

With that said, don't forget to check out our other music-related articles so you can make all the right decisions on your next purchase.

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